With a land area of 73 km 2 , Sabah occupies just less than 10 per cent of the island of Borneo. Forests were replaced by sprawling haciendas owned by Spanish friars, officials and rich families. This represents a significant step towards maintaining the arc of natural forest from the eastern seaboard of Sabah at Silam through the lowlands of Ulu Segama and Danum Valley and onwards to the higher elevation forests of the Kuamut and Pinangah Forest Reserves and the Imbak Canyon and Maliau Basin Conservation Areas figure 3. Kalikasan PNE is a national grassroots-based environmental network campaigning for the protection of forests and biodiversity. The INFAPRO area acts as an important buffer to the Danum Valley Conservation Area’s eastern and most accessible flank figure 3 and comprises forest selectively logged from the late s to the early s. Forest cover in sabah With a land area of 73 km 2 , Sabah occupies just less than 10 per cent of the island of Borneo. Enhanced customs checks aim to stem costly flows of unlawfully harvested cargo.

I want a free account. By , the area nominally allocated for timber plantations had roughly doubled to km 2 , of which ca km 2 had been planted Sabah Forestry Department , unpublished data. Although the national government allocates funds for reforestation, projects have been largely dependent on foreign funding. The Sabah Forestry Department estimates that less than 40 ha, mostly within the Class II Commercial Forest Reserve and scattered widely across the State, has been cleared and developed as agricultural smallholdings S. National Center for Biotechnology Information , U. With a land area of 73 km 2 , Sabah occupies just less than 10 per cent of the island of Borneo.

A significant fraction of the proposed plantation—approximately km 2 —fell within the Ulu Segama Forest Reserve.

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Forest land-use thngkol Sabah, Malaysia: It is very sad to report that illegal logging is currently, progressively, and mercilessly being done right Enjoy proficient essay writing and custom writing services provided by professional academic illdgal.

Thus, close to two-thirds of the total primary lowland rainforest remaining in Sabah, some km 2is embedded within the Tungkll and under the de facto management of Yayasan Sabah 3 —underlining the critical importance of the YSFMA in terms of the conservation of this most important and threatened forest type. The project uses several approaches to achieve its aims including targeted forest restoration treatments liberation thinning and enrichment plantingenhancement of wildlife habitats construction of artificial salt licks, river crossings for orang-utan and other primates, placement of nest-boxes for hornbills, etc.


Among the animal species, are endangered. Ang likas na sanhi ay ang kababalaghan tungkol sa tubig.

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Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: The pattern of disturbance of the remnant forest consisted of highly disturbed zones on the steeper slopes, especially where high-lead yarding machines had sq deployed [ 1 ], along the network of skid-tracks and secondary haulage roads and in open areas created as log-landing sites and logging camps. As of Marchmore than 1 million ha were covered by mining permits essya applications.

essay tungkol sa illegal logging

Filipinos are by nature creative and intelligent. Widespread poverty and landlessness also cause deforestation. With the dwindling forests, coupled with the threats of more disasters brought by dssay change, it is high time for a log ban and a massive reforestation effort. To find out more, please click this link.

These included the Danum Valley essqy Maliau Basin Conservation Areas, Virgin Jungle Reserves, water catchments, riparian reserves and ca ha of areas excised as unworkable, i.

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However, the threats should be addressed so that the opportunities can be maximized. Answers come with explanations, so that you can learn. Ask for details Follow Report by Hanipasira16 The distances and hence costs involved in trucking the large volumes of timber required to supply the mill from the more remote parts of the YSFMA rendered its operation uneconomic, and Pacific Hardwoods was first mothballed and then closed completely in The harvesting ullegal was also greatly accelerated from to ha per annum when the Ulu Tubgkol forests were first logged in the s, s and early s to ca 20 ha per annum during the re-logging operation.

Following the abandonment of the pulp mill project, the plans for a large-scale conversion to Acacia plantations within the YSFMA were substantially scaled back. Production from the forests of the Ulu Segama and, from the mids onwards, the Kuamut Forest Reserves, was used almost exclusively ewsay supply the Pacific Hardwoods timber mill close to the coastal town of Lahad Datu.


By the time harvesting operations ceased inthe Malua Forest Reserve had been virtually denuded of large dipterocarps leaving a residual canopy consisting, over large areas, of near pure stands of pioneer tree species [ 1011 ].

Bythe fully protected forests embedded within the borders of the YSFMA figure 3 covered well over ha and include three of South East Asia’s most important conservation areas—Danum Valley 43 haMaliau Basin 58 ha and Imbak Canyon ca 30 ha including adjacent Virgin Jungle Reserveswhich collectively account for over ha and consist almost entirely of pristine forest.

Indigenous peoples are the usual victims because their ancestral domains are generally found in forests. Congress next year May 23, One of llgging very few concession holders in Malaysia with sufficient land bank and financial resources to support such a essa was Yayasan Sabah and, in the same year, a total of ca km 2 of forest was identified within the YSFMA for conversion, technically excised from the YSFMA and placed under licence to a subsidiary company of Yayasan Sabah, Benta Wawasan Sdn Bhd.

Sabah Forestry Department [ Google Scholar ].

However, despite, or perhaps because of their richness and importance to people, forests face continuing destruction. Answer quality is ensured by our experts. These relatively minor anomalies—covering ca km 2 within the Class II Commercial Forest Reserve—do not involve fully protected areas.

Having trouble with your homework? Forest land use in Sabah: By figure 1 btotal forest cover is estimated tungko, have stood at ca 37 km 2 or slightly over 51 per cent of the land area.