He is unable to accept love because it is something Sasuke feels he can no longer have. I pressed harder down on the gas and the car roared in protest. Also after the bell test, we have the second instance of Sasuke helping Sakura to grow. Which brings us to this: Friendship and love, a future filled with warmth.

After that moment, Sakura progressively became a better ninja and a better person. It kind of goes back to what was discussed at the very beginning of this post: This panel is used to emphasize how much Sasuke truly cares and demonstrates his growth as a character. Then there’s the fact that both Ino and Sasuke know Sakura is bullshitting when she brushes off her shorn hair as merely an image change. I can name only one character that her bond with Sasuke rivals, and that is her bond with Naruto. Sasuke had spent much of his life alone harboring feelings of only hatred and revenge.

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I ask students to move from clarifying thoughts to clarifying ideas. Just sasudaku at the similarities: This time Sasuke is facing Sakura as he thanks her, rather than her back.


And yes, he grew to accept Sakura. However, despite his killing intent towards Naruto, he still does not want to hurt Sakura. One Haku side-story and a thousand needles later, Sasuke “dies” and we get the scene where Sakura fights with her shinobi training and her heartbreak only to have her true emotions break through in the end.


Then the fight with Zabuza and Haku. Yet another powerful scene- which is quite underrated as well.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

Number 3, the curse mark issue. Take away one leg, and it doesn’t stand very well. A council may emphasize more local efforts but should not deny worthy projects of a wider scope.

essay tentang sasusaku

This is an expression the audience has never seen. And all of this just goes along with the thought that maybe Sasuke left Konoha purposely to protect the people he cared about by “cutting his bonds” with them so they wouldn’t get invovled in his fight.

He says what he needs to and moves on; He has his revenge to focus on. And I’ve just written another essay, haven’t I? Sasuke doesn’t ignore Sakura at all. Sasuke, who once had to deal with these memories and feeling alone, now had someone to hold and love him- a stark difference between his past.

Quadrivalent Wadsworth whiz his nebulise alee.

You really think an anime watched by 12 years old kid going to be about divorce?? But before Sasuke and Naruto leave for their final battle, Sakura begs for Sasuke to stay.

Bah, the perfect “pairing” in this situation is SakuSasuNaru, anyway. But with SasuSaku, almost everything is clear cut to the point and romantically based without speculation. And while some people have described SasuSaku as ultimately a one-sided ship, with Sakura chasing after Sasuke against her better judgement and Sasuke ignoring her, brushing her off, or generally being cruel to her, which is not actually the case. Again, he is humbled. When does Sasuke ever smile? Even Karin had a reason he saved her during the chunin exams.


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Nothing with Sasuke is ever easy, haha. To see love- no matter the form- has a true impact on Naruto. Was Sasuke ever thinking “I love Sakura? He needed to learn how to accept the love of friendship first. She is one of the characters who changed the most in this show. This slight difference, however, makes all the big gap regarding the volume of certainty the speakers indicate in their speeches Particle na in this is dialogue is meant to both the speaker and the addressee.

This kid is attracted to power, for god’s sake. Sakura does not need to be a doormat to Sasuke to have a relationship work out.

I always thought he thanked her for loving him and staying by his side. That, people, is not the behaviour of someone “weak” and “useless” at all, considering that even Naruto froze at his first real combat situation and almost got taken out.