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What a show both sides put on! The most unfortunate places of its time that has seen bloodshed of its own children is the Wagah Border, which lies between India and Pakistan. If not so are the tons of drivers waiting around outside the Golden Temple in Amritsar. September 23, at 3: And daughter of my loving parents by heart with passion for creativity, zeal to achieve something big in life but want to live life to its fullest. September 20, at 7:

I love some of the background music you have in your videos. After the India—Pakistan military confrontation boeder 29 September the border closing ceremony continued, but on the Indian side public attendance was denied on the evenings between 29 September and 8 October To visit the border on the Indian side, you will first need to visit Amritsar and take a public bus till Attari station.

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Their demeanor and facial expressions signify determination, defiance, even hostility. Held daily sincethe ceremony takes place every evening before sunset at the Wagah border — just cerdmony of Amritsar, Punjab. The Pakistani Taliban specifically Jamaat-ul-Ahrar, wagah a splinter group claimed that the attack essaay an act of retaliation for Operation Zarb-e-Azb, the Pakistani militarys ongoing campaign against the Taliban in the countrys tribal regions.

As at Wagah, border soldiers from both sides intimidate each other by throwing high kicks and by staring, and the ceremonies are concluded by a simultaneous flag retreat. What Time To Get There: Your email address will not be published. This ceremony takes place every evening immediately before sunset at the Wagah border, which as part of the Grand Trunk Road was the only road link between these two countries before the opening of the Aman Setu in Kashmir in Candid smiles, grins and happy faces of Indian People Photo Essay.


Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. With free admission aside from transport the ceremony attracts enormous crowds of both locals, tourists and foreigners; however, on the Pakistani side, the crowds is a much more humble gathering.

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September 19, at 8: This looks really Rad- never heard of a boder crossing ceremony before. September 21, at The revival of the forces of democratization in Pakistan further encourages such hopes. The residents of the city say there are only three places worth visiting in Amritsar: This first video wgah my own series is of the pre-celebrations that take place prior to the event officially kicking-off — the Indian ladies are really strutting their stuff.

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September 19, at The finale takes places at sundown when the respective flags of each country is lowered, folded and paraded to a designated storage facility with a brief aphoristic handshake between soldiers on both sides. The security check takes time.


Ceremohy seeing this full write up on the ceremony, and the vids are a real bonus. I love how they do such a dramatic build up and then it ends with a modest handshake.

India Pakistan Border Closing Ceremony | Wagah, India

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essay on wagah border ceremony

In other projects Cceremony Commons. You can bodder a seat in a seating area that has VIP seating, seating for foreign tourists, ladies exclusive seating and general seating. Cool, daily partying…so festive atmosphere. The spectacle of the ceremony attracts many visitors from both sides of the border, as well as international tourists.

You just reminded me that I have to go to India- asap. The ceremony starts with a blustering parade by the soldiers from both sides, and ends up in the perfectly coordinated lowering of the two nations’ flags.