With his elder brother Syed Muhammad Khan, Sir Syed was raised in a large house in a wealthy area of the city. Later on he established ‘Vegan Samaj’ for translating English books to impart scientific knowledge to the Muslims. He passed away in These works focused on religious and cultural subjects. Thus, he won the confidence of the British Government.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. It was primarily his aim to create for young Muslims a good institution for their educational, cultural and social developments. He became a leading Muslim voice opposing the adoption of Hindi as a second official language of the United Provinces now Uttar Pradesh. Ghalib practically reprimanded Syed Ahmad Khan for wasting his talents and time on dead things. In this time Muslims are de-centralized from the main path, mainly women are remained trapped in the darkness of houses by their own fathers and husbands themselves. Hunter’s report, however, became mandatory reading for candidates for the Indian Civil Service.

Retrieved 14 October His works made him the most prominent Muslim politician in 19th century India, often influencing the attitude of Muslims on headinsg national issues. Therefore we should cultivate friendship with them, and should adopt that method by which their rule may remain permanent and firm in India, and may not pass into the hands of the Bengalis Students of other religions will be exempted from this religious observance.

essay on sir syed ahmed khan in english with headings

Even such a word as a “liar” will be treated as an abuse to be prohibited. Islam in Global History. This movement was known as the Aligarh Movement. In his Causes of the Indian Amed he had argued that the non-admission of Indians to the Council had contributed to the discontent behind the rebellion.

essay on sir syed ahmed khan in english with headings

Inhe was appointed to a high-ranking post at the court in Muradabadwhere he began working on his most famous literary work. When the work was finished, without waiting for an English translation, Sir Syed sent the Urdu version to be printed at the Mufassilat Gazette Press in Agra. He began publishing the journal Tahzib-al-Akhlaq Social Reformer on 24 December to spread awareness and knowledge on modern subjects and promote reforms in Muslim society. In Syed Ahmed Khan visited England.


Sir Syed supported the Om during the uprisinga role which has been criticised by some nationalists such as Jamaluddin Afghani. Battling illnesses and old age, Sir Inn died on March 27 ln Sir Syed Ahmed Recovered.

In spite of the obvious danger, he made a courageous and thorough report of the accusations people were making against the Government and refused the theory which the British had invented to explain the causes of the Mutiny. It was common to have big families. Sir Syed also increased the political awareness of Muslims in the Sub-continent. Headingx unprecedented and irrefutable success of the madrasa brought recognition and funding from government grants too.

Being deeply impressed by the western education and culture, Ahmad Khan wanted to incline towards the English administrators of India and advised the Muslims to remain loyal to the British authority. He released the second edition of Ansar-as-sanadid in Sir Syed began feeling increasingly concerned for the future of Muslim communities.

He who had read the Quran and believes it, he can know that our nation Muslims cannot expect friendship and affection from any other people.

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Sir Syed worked to promote reinterpretation of Muslim ideology in order to reconcile tradition with Western education. He decided to devote his full efforts for the welfare of the Muslims.


While continuing to work as a syd clerk, Sir Syed began focusing on writing, from the age of 23 inon various subjects from mechanics to educational issuesmainly in Urdu, where he wrote, at least, pages. Their mother Azis-un-Nisa played a formative role in Sir Syed’s life, raising him with rigid discipline with a strong emphasis on education.

Believing that the future of Muslims was threatened by the rigidity of their orthodox outlookSyde Syed began promoting Western—style scientific education by founding modern schools and journals and organising Muslim entrepreneurs.

Wikiquote has quotations related to: Ahmad Khan founded headkngs All India Muhammadan Educational Conference in in order to promote Western education, especially science and literature, among India’s Muslims.

It has several pictures of Shaikh M. In fact men and women in India were able to get necessary education at home or workplaces by tradition as well as at temples and mosques and other places in villages. Women khann equivalent position and rights in the early Vedic era. Zakir Hussainare amongst Aligarh’s most famous graduates.

Syed Ahmad Khan

Inhe was appointed to a high-ranking post at the court in Muradabad, where he syes working on his most famous literary work. The animosity between the British and Muslims before and after the rebellion of threatened to marginalize Muslim communities across India for many generations.

Maulana Qasim Nanautawi wrote directly to Sir Syed as well, explaining him some of his “noteworthy” mistakes.