In , government inked an agreement with ITMP to introduce contemporary subjects in their syllabus but the draft legislation was not shared by the government with ITMP, hence agreement never materialized. Madrasas issue certificates of various levels. However, pedagogical practices also ensure that students do, in fact, learn what they are intended to learn. Even in the Indian Sub-continent, Muslim rulers established madrasas and also devised new teaching methods, curriculum and educational policies. As people become increasingly dependent on and integrated within the private social service system provided by these groups, the motivation to remain loyal to the State is diminished. Apart from education, Madaris also provide a source of sustenance to children, belonging mostly to poor class, by taking care of their food, clothing and shelter.

However, some madrasas do resist registration in favour of more autonomy. Similarly, the International Center for Religion and Diplomacy and the United States Institute of Peace are also working towards imparting training to madrasa teachers in Pakistan. Given this resistance to secular knowledge, most religious schools are not designed to prepare students for employment USAID, Retrieved 25 September In particular, Pakistani madrasas have been the focus of much media 9 I.

This results in generating hostility towards people of other religions.

Madrassah Education in Pakistan Some Insights – Jahangir’s World Times

However, in case of the madrasas, the quantity of funding is decided on the basis of student enrollment, with funds given not to individual students, but to the manager of the madrasa. In case of Pakistan, the lack of proper educational institutions funded and managed by state as an alternative in rural areas has also intensified popularity of madrasas in society.

While in some of the other countries religious institutions are engaged edsay social work, madrasas in Pakistan have not been too involved in other kinds of social activities besides imparting education. Resultantly, registration remained closed madraxa many years. In a country like Pakistan, the element of Islam has a direct impact in shaping the madrasa structure.


Madrasa Education in Pakistan: In the Context of Government Policy

In doing this, 24 Singer op. In total, this program expected to reach some madrasas.

Through the Voluntary Registration and Regulation Ordinancethe state promised funding to madrasas that formally registered with the government. A study mavrasa that gathered the views of madrasa students from Pakistan revealed that a fifteen-year-old Afghan refugee expressed his desire to fight against infidels.

essay on madrasa education in pakistan

Institute of Defence and Strategic Studies, Singapore Retrieved 8 December Apart from education, Madaris also provide a source of sustenance to children, belonging mostly to poor class, by taking care of their food, clothing and shelter. This happens at the cost of the converse — inculcating respect for different belief systems. Matters relating to Madaris could have taken a different course if the regulatory mechanism visualized in the PMEB Ordinance had been put in place.

The strategy of the governing classes over the years was to proclaim Pakistan an Ideological State based on Islam and not a democracy Ahmad, In times of external threats, however, they have been quick to join hands and form a united front against any government attempt to introduce Madrassah reforms or curb their autonomy.

Quoted in Shaikh, Amneh Click here to sign up. Most, if not all, of these INGOs work in collaboration with local partners to implement their projects. Institutional mechanisms, such as PMEB, which could serve as the lynchpin for bringing Madaris into mainstream education system and truly harnessing their potential as educational institutes of not only religious education but also as socioeconomic support to the children from poor segments of society, have been left in the lurch, further exacerbating the situation.

Madrasa Education in Pakistan: In the Context of Government Policy

The doctrinal differences between these schools often seem irreconcilable in an educational setting. Madrasas have proved themselves in the test of time.


Perspectives of Religious Leaders in Pakistan. Tanzeem-ul-Madaris Ahle Sunnat, 3.

Madrassas in Pakistan

Therefore, they start refuting the pskistan concepts of capitalism, socialism, liberty, economic deucation and individualism and consider these concepts to be disruptive on the muslim society Rahman, The equivalence of diplomas and degrees awarded by these Wafaq-ul-Madaris with formal education system starts with a Tanviah-e-Aamah MatriculationTanviah-e-Khasa IntermediateShahadat-e-Aaliya Bachelors — on passing three compulsory BA courses of any recognized university and Shahadat-e-Aalmia Masters — on passing compulsory MA courses of any recognized university.

The international position of Pakistan has been severely questioned with the rise of Taliban and Al-Qaeda and their alleged link with the madrasa setup. Most madrassas in Pakistan are Sunnifollow the doctrine of the Deobandi sect and have educated madrasw masses about the essentials and principles of their sectarian version of Islam, throughout Pakistan.

essay on madrasa education in pakistan

Retrieved 6 April The board visualized getting authority to set curriculum and examination systems, and to hold teacher training programmes. Despite the fact that the PMEB has not been able to objectively perform its functions during the last 14 years, rationale behind the establishment of the Board cannot be underestimated.

This page was last edited on 2 Mayat This system gives an authority to madrasa officials over the use of Zakat money.

essay on madrasa education in pakistan

Apart from these glaring numerical differences, the number of unregistered Madaris is also alarmingly high. The approach of the State under Pervez Musharraf saw extensive elaboration of madrasa policy and a shift from Islamisation to Modernisation of the institution. Madrassah Education in Pakistan Some Insights.