And can you tell us about some of the people in your life that inspired you, or maybe still inspire you, to do what you’re doing now? If there’s a malfunction, how does it impact us? So, the experiment itself is a self-contained unit. We are the wake-up crew, you might say. Our on-orbit operations basically mean that we give commands to the cameras, which are in the payload bay.

Both of those crewmembers – Ilan and Laurel – are from the Red Shift. All of these experiments in the zeolite area are actually sponsored by commercial partners. And, the Orbiter will be in free drift during those times to minimize any disturbances from jet firings, for example. All three combustion module experiments are very hands-on and obviously a lot of fun for [the] operator to work with. Earlier you were talking about the mist experiment. So, there’s a swirling motion involved now.

Chawla said, “They don’t tell you when they’ll come, but you know at the end of the day someone will get you.

And, one of the big technical impediments out there is how to reject heat and stay healthy in space. And, it’s sort of a nice coincident that that’s what I am doing on this flight.

Is it fair to make a student stand at the wall the whole period for not studying and not being able to memorize? One of these is to understand aay soot forms. And then, just the compliments they gave students for coming up with ideas – new ideas – [that], in hindsight, I wonder how they even had the patience to look at these.


essay on kalpana chawla path to milky way

For example, if there’s a big dust storm during our mission, then more than likely we would be asked to do MEIDEX studies for that. And, that’s not men’s or women’s; that’s The Champion. If I solve this problem on computer, can I get the real result?

essay on kalpana chawla path to milky way

In a different attitude to do, for example, the dust measurements. Is this because of turbulence? With the potential benefit, again, you should always be tied to something in real life, that if we can understand that flame balls really work, then this can help us better understand combustion modeling.

Of course, something like that on Earth, they are unable to do everywhere on Earth. Let’s use, for example, the MIST experiment. Tata in India, who had done some of the first mail flights in India. And, inside it, it has sand. Basically when you are in eighth grade, around 12 years of age, you have to pick up a track – whether you’re going science as in engineering or science as in medical.

It’s easy for me to be motivated and inspired by seeing somebody who just goes all out to do something. And, it’s all videotaped. Every once in a while, we’d ask my dad if we could get a ride in one of these planes. Seeing this airplane and just knowing what this person had done during those years was very intriguing. Or answer all of them, who’s stopping you?

So basically during our wake-up hours, we are busy doing the experiments that we are timelined to do. Talk a little bit about some of the operation and the purpose of some of the specific experiments that you’re going to be working with. So this is the physical sciences area. You are above the Earth’s atmosphere.


There are experiments from Johnson Space Center, from the European Space Agency and literally from tens of thousands of researchers and students across the world. She got admission in the University of Texas for a Masters in Aeronautical Science inbut her father did not have any time to hear about her big plans.

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I was the first girl to go into aerospace engineering. It’s the first flight of the Research Double Module from Spacehab.

Can you explain just what it is?

It’s just written in books. The space shuttle, by that time, is already in [the] correct attitude.

About kalpana chawla’s path to the milky way?

Another area which really stands out, we have some experiments which sit in the payload bay which are looking at technologies for heat rejection for spacecraft. It’s not really true that all of the experiments have this tough path at this stage in the ballgame of spaceflight research because as you know, this particular mission is the first commercial flight of Double Research Module.

Some of those places the crew has visited to familiarize yourselves with the experiments.