He could not cross the river. He had been sent to Australia. Is there any need of proper career counseling department? How does a book connect the reader and the writer? The Prophet saas abided by the verse “There is no compulsion where the religion is concerned…” Surat al-Baqara: You are all children of Adam. One is Electronic media and second is Print media.

Nowadays non-traditional careers are more appealing to young minds? Readers can also give us feedback to the articles by writing to Forum pages. Muhammad asked people to shun notions of racial, family or any other form of superiority based on mundane things and said that righteousness alone was the criterion of one’s superiority over another. A person who faces difficulties of life becomes stronger. A day will come when Allah will surely give him success. Two or three policeman were also there.

Adverb of place Its about where. Adverbs It adds in meaning of adjective, verb muha,mad adverb etc. He had become a very wealthy farmer there.

Essay on justice of holy prophet pbuh

It has much importance because it is to give thanks for the year that has passed and reinvigorate themselves for the coming year. He caught the horse by the mane. Lion jumped over the prey. Shops remain open till late at night.


There is success after every failure there is happiness after every hardship. There was a big garden in front of the mosque.

We can improve our abilities by working. Wind has two characteristics. It can also be used for the destruction of the world.

What should you do if you are allergic to adhesive material used in most bandages? The per capita availability of food grains has been declining for the past 25 years. Black is not allowed and red is pubh. In the wound after washing, use tweezers clean with alcohol to remove the particles.

Matric part 2 English Chapter 1 Hazrat Muhammad S.A.W an Embodiment of Justice online video lecture

Hard work is the way to success. Some plants have small roots. Editorials can give us their expert views and analysis that we can digest slowly as we read them. He worked hard for the betterment of Muslims. As hard as diamond As beautiful as rose. May Justoce shower his blessings upon him Amen. They have to follow certain time to watch. Each medium has strengths that other does not.


essay on hazrat muhammad pbuh an embodiment of justice

In what ways books are better than radio, TV and internet? He said that honesty is the best policy. Later on he joined Muslim league. Electronic media has made our life very easy.

Jsutice they gave wide berth to them. There is limitation that technology can assist in effective use of resources but cannot produce more resources. How does television make us lazy? Peace is a beautiful poem written by Dr. It umhammad an interesting tale. Hearing this, the Sahabah became more anxious for the safety of Hazrat Abu Zar Ghaffari and their eyes were filled with tears.

essay on hazrat muhammad pbuh an embodiment of justice

Some requested the accuser to accept blood money. Because, a This may damage the clot. Fossil energy is another prime renounce use for food production.