As all the tools of smart classes are electronic, they are easy and neat to use. Through smartclassonline , schools can link students, teachers and parents into a seamless information exchange, messaging, CCE , assessments , peer to peer learning and more. Yes, this is very beneficial for student to learn by the help of smart classes. They can grab things quickly. This will not clear all confusions and questions of students. English Smart Class Service.

Smart board is such a learning process where needs active participation of both the teacher and the students. Advanced technology not only enhances the learning experience but also gives an interesting platform to the teachers. These smart boards are like a computer screen which are finely handled by a teacher and also by students to provide active participation. What makes English Mentor the best English Learning tool English Mentor allows students to use their school text books for learning Pronunciation available in Indian accent For better word recall, extensive picture dictionary is given Vernacular translations and verb checker with all tenses Objective reading scores and lexile levels Technologically advances in maintaining student wise progress report Engaging games to make learning fun Smartclass 3D lab Learning just got mindboggling The 3D learning experience will have the student grabbing at thin air and pulling back from objects that appear to be zooming straight at him. This pattern of teaching and learning thus avoids the trouble of making notes while the lecture is in progress. Demerits of Smart Classes Cost Concerns School administrators need to burn a hole in their pockets to keep their school abreast with the latest technologies in teaching. Smart board have an inbuilt library in it which enables a teacher to have an instant look at it in case of requirement.

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Every good thing has something to be concerned about. Manpower is also needed to maintain the whole infrastructure. For instance, microscopes, document cameras, video cameras can be integrated with the white boards. This task is highly pocket-pinching. Provide your exact requirement to help us serve you better.


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Or is it making it easy for a child to go hand in hand in this fast moving world? Our Company is the well-known name in the industry for offering the best quality E- Learning Virtual Classroom. Hence, smart classes come in as perfect learning territories for students to assimilate the nuances behind a subject;in a single go or after repeatedly accessing subject details for a clearer understanding.

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It is not only about the cost, it is a challenge to zero-in on a modern technologist who can bring necessary changes to classrooms; attuned to emerging teaching claxs and techniques. Not just kids, the elder ones fssay the professionals also gets benefited with smart learning and sharing. Looking for University or College admissions in India for – academic year? By using smart boards in a classroom, we are appealing to both the audio sense and visual senses of students.


Moreover, the more there are students, the more a school needs internet bandwidth. So smart classes are better only up to certain limit. Smart classes are a perfect solution to the environmental hazards that are posed by the conventional methodology of education.

They are just another alternative to learn new things sitting at the comfort of your home. This way, your digital notes will come to your rescue when you miss a day in school; without putting in any extra effort to obtain the same. Your Ultimate Guide Apr 18, Smart classes appeal to both the audio sense and visual senses of students thereby it makes a remarkable influences in student’s mind.

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The top 10 beneficial facts about Smart Classes Some of the following reasons will help you understand the importance of smart class clearly: Research says that smart class lowers the test standardization scores.


These modules have been selected from various State and Central boards and cover a wide variety of topics. Yes, this is very beneficial for student to learn by the help of smart classes.

It will definitely clear their all confusions. This mode of learning and teaching presents a mixed bag of advantages and disadvantages. In such a situation, smart classes come as befitting learning options.

It might be the case that they apprehend things for the third and fourth time.

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Using smart-board we are eliminating this health issue. No I don’t think smart classes are too much beneficial to students. Various technologies can be integrated for a better learning experience.

Further, teachers can create a math clasw in the school with these activities! For students, it is a wonderful new experience where they play yet learn, where they have someone who mentors them and guides them, yet gives them the freedom to practice on their own, where the world opens up to them and they in turn prepare themselves for newer horizons, where the sky is definitely not the limit.

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Fret no more if you have to miss your smart class for a day. Want to know whether smart classes exucomp beneficial for students? Projector Smart Class Service.

Smart classes obviously cannot guarantee to make a kid smart, but it surely gives a better and dynamic ambiance to the student to learn in a smart way.