The worst one, a super cyclone had hit the state in , killing more than 15, people, with most of the casualty being reported from Odisha. Shrimp production in Odisha hit by cyclone Fani. On October 14, Phailin weakened into a well-marked low-pressure area, and the IMD issued their final advisory on the storm. Fill in your details: We are happy to restart the publication of Sphere India newsletter.

In addition, the communication systems—both in terms of generating and disseminating an effective early warning—were underdeveloped. Mangroves had been uprooted for kilometers. Three in particular are mentioned here. Defence Defence National International Industry. A brief history of storms According to the IMD, in the past years only 14 severe tropical cyclones have formed in April over the Bay of Bengal. In this light, the modern disaster management system is conceived as a system that works in interface with humans and technology.

Find this comment offensive? Never miss a great news story! Cyclone Phailin The fiery Cyclone Phailin bought devastation in the coastal areas of Odisha, but India managed to successfully avert much loss to human lives and destruction because of its meticulous preparation.

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This will alert our moderators to take action. He was unable to rise to the situation as a leader of the state, to generate an objective of saving lives for his government and his bureaucrats. Warnings from the IMD were disseminated as early as four days before Phailin made landfall, as compared with two days of warning provided for Cyclone 05B in On October 11, the system became equivalent to a Category 5 hurricane on the SSHWS before it started to weaken during the next day as it approached the Indian state of Odisha.


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essay on cyclone phailin

The IMD reported that the system had intensified into a cyclonic storm and named it Phailin. Archived from the original PDF on October 13, Effective disaster planning, preparation and dissemination of early warning information led to a minimal death toll in the wake of the strongest cyclone to hit India in 14 years.

A culture of complacency was also rife among the at-risk population, which did not heed the early warnings due to a fatalistic mind-set, which hindered evacuation.

However, significant improvements in disaster management, preparedness, forecasting capabilities and early warning, such as the improvements exhibited by India during Cyclone Phailin in Octoberhave helped to mitigate some disaster- related impacts. Halanna available If you do phailin have a doctor to turn to for your personal needs, and live outside the Vancouver area, Dr.

essay on cyclone phailin

vyclone IFRC, 21 Aug Officials from Odisha’s state government said that around 12 million people may be affected. Government of India Govt. Location Maps – Country maps for your reports and presentations.

Cyclone Phailin

The definition of disaster is now all encompassing, which includes not only the events emanating from natural and man-made causes, but even those events which are caused by accident or negligence. Logistics and Telecommunications 8. Evaluation and Lessons Learned 4.


Archived from the original PDF on October 11, From tothe Asia-Pacific population living in cyclone-prone areas increased from Disaster management training was given to people that included several mock drills.

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essay on cyclone phailin

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First, deaths in disasters can be reduced even by poor nation-states when the disaster management system is aligned skillfully. Cyclone Phailin at Wikipedia’s sister projects.

Essay on Success to tackle Cyclone Phailin – Failure to control Uttarakhand floods by Sejal Goel

Times of India In other projects Wikimedia Commons. To reduce future economic loss and impacts on livelihoods, overarching DRR management plans, in conjunction with EWS, could be developed to establish medium- and long-term phaioin that address appropriate land use zoning, development of infrastructure and agricultural planning WMO, n.

Now that the barrier between Chilika and the Bay of Bengal has been breached, protection from future events is compromised, demonstrating the importance of continued early warning efforts, establishment of new damage-control mechanisms, restoration of forest ecosystems, and incorporation of ecosystem-based adaptation measures.

The impact of the cyclone continued until 15 October.