What should we do? Please check the webinar section for upcoming sessions. Even when you start writing you can of course always go back to the background documents and read more, so the initial familiarisation should not be considered a final, comprehensive task. Shaping the Future Together”. Contact organisers for location details. The Silence of Others For each above mentioned point you receive working material.

This is why it is so crucial for candidates to clearly understand the eight competencies measured by EPSO and to know the approach each test takes to assess the competency levels of candidates, as well as the difference in how the SJT and E-tray tests are scored. Current Issues and Future Developments Can I mention procedural aspects of the legislative procedure not included in the materials? The tests is aimed to assess the practical knowledge and the ability to use in efficient manner the IT tools and Microsoft Office applications. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. Is it ok to use 3 levels of bullet points? Young Diplomats Forum London.

EPSO Assessment Centre Simulation – EU Events

Articles on this Page showing articles 1 to 20 of Malaysia and the Philippines. EU Careers Portal 2. Scotland House conference centre, Rond-point Schuman, Brussels. These ratings are based on what the candidate thinks is the ideal way to address qebinar problematic situation posed. The civil society perspective: Charlemagne Building, European Commission- Brussels. Having trouble logging in?


Training for the EPSO assessment centre

How the EP of the s and s shaped our institution today. Young Diplomats Forum Brussels:. Seconded national expert — Gender-based violence Employer: European Days and Weeks. Home affairs, Migration and Integration. Practical tests for AST level: We will reply within24 hours or less. Did you play stuxy leading role or decisive contribution?

Fondation Universitaire, Salle Felicien Cattier. As explained earlier with the SJT, when assessing the relevance of each answer, candidates need to identify the consequence of each action to correctly rank answers.

From a linear to a circular economy – How to webinag

epso case study webinar

Therefore, preparing for such an exam needs to be twofold:. All competencies have an equal weight when it comes to the Assessment Centre including the case studyas there is usually 10 points that can be given for each competency, with a total of 8 for AD and 7 for AST competencies, that is 80 or casee points in total.

epso case study webinar

Does the 60 minute timeframe mean less documents to read? We cover strategies on how to tackle such question types and offer useful tips to enhance time efficiency. Hence the maximum webihar for finding the right answer per option is 4 points. Implementation of the global compact for safe, orderly and regular migration.


EPSO Assessment Centre Simulation

How csse national energy policies fit into EU decarbonisation plans? Following the lively engagement on this topic we collected and answered the most revealing questions asked during the session to share with you. Why now in your career? Combined, these webinars go deep into all aspects of the Pre- Selection tests.

The approach is very theoretical and requires taking each option to the extreme to correctly assess what could be the possible outcome for each answer.

We give you a brief introduction to the case study online with many hints and tips and then provide you with a case study. Permanent Representation of Romania to the EU.

epso case study webinar

Page 1 2 newer. By a simulation you will then solve a case. These webinars have been totally redesigned and follow a completely new structure to better suite your needs.