They appeared a day before President Reagan sent Congress his certification that El Salvador was “making a concerted and significant effort to comply with internationally recognized human rights. October 13th, Start of initial exhumations of the victims of the El Mozote massacre in the ruins of a convent adjacent to the town church. There was nothing by Bonner to match the Guillermoprieto story in the first edition of the Times for that day. They claimed that there were no records for the period. They did not find him in the coffee shop but wandering on the road nearby. They shot dead residents there as they had done in El Mozote.

What made the Morazan massacre stories so threatening was that they repudiated the fundamental moral claim that undergirded US policy. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. He perished three years later in a helicopter crash. If the massacre was intended to strike so much fear into the hearts of guerrillas and their supporters that they would give up their arms, it failed. You could see vertebrae and femurs sticking out.

The guerrillas had never been able to establish a foothold in this town of mostly Protestant evangelicals, who tended to look sourly on communism. One of the guides told Danner that the soldiers would emerge from the forest joking about their fondness for the twelve-year-olds. The two Americans then attempted to examine the areas where the massacre had taken place, but they were in hostile territory under guerrilla control.

El Mozote massacre

Rosenthal, denied that he had wtudy Bonner because of pressure from the Right. While walking back to his home, he saw soldiers approaching and decided to hide.

After this, there was no illusion about what was taking place. The soldiers remained in El Mozote that night but, the next day, went to the village of Los Toriles and carried out a further massacre.


The battalion wasted no time.

Views Read Edit View history. Massscre 8th, Judge Federico Portillo suspends the reception of witness testimony; effectively denying hundreds of witnesses and family members of victims the massacfe to testify about El Mozote, as well as provide the identity of deceased family members.

On December 12, the battalion moved on to the town of Los Toriles where Pereira lived. The soldiers beat and interrogated the men and then led them blindfolded from the church in small groups.

Ambassador Deane Hinton called Bonner an “advocate journalist”. The US had also sent billions of dollars to the Salvadoran government during the country’s year civil war to fight communism. The case against the officials was only made possible in after the Supreme Court struck mmozote a amnesty law that prohibited the prosecution of crimes committed during the war, which ended with a peace accord in January The village had fifteen to twenty mud brick homes around a square with a church and a small building that served as a kind of sacristy.

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How do we know how many people were killed? Mozotr were strewn across the earth next to this cornfield, and you could see on their faces the horror of what had happened kozote them. The guerrillas put the number slain at seven hundred, though it was impossible at the time for anyone to obtain an accurate count.

Get a discounted subscription today! Although the Times had already published the start of the Bonner series, his first article did not discuss the massacre.

He picked up the canister and, heeding the plea on the handwritten copy, dictated the story to the Post. New York Times correspondent Raymond Bonner underplayed that possibility, for example, in a much-protested January 27 report of a massacre by the army in and around the village of Mozote. But, having said that, I can not think of a single time that a story was changed or dropped because of pressure from the White House. In fact, many appear to have been rewarded.


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Citing the investigation by the two embassy officers and repeating the words of the cable, Assistant Secretary of State Thomas O.

Rufina was led out in one of the last groups, and massarce to get away in the midst of confusion when the woman at the head of her group spotted the corpses in one of the burning houses and started screaming that the soldiers were killing people.

el mozote massacre case study

But the Reagan administration was not happy with their reporting. Archived from the original on November 16, The story already in the hands of her editors was published in the Post on Wednesday, January 27, with the headline: Bonner and Guillermoprieto were eventually vindicated, and Rufina spent the rest of her life telling the world what had happened at El Mozote.

el mozote massacre case study

These witnesses and survivors are coming forward publicly for the first time. In the s, after Rosenthal retired as executive editor and began writing a column, Bonner returned to the Times as a contract writer and then as a staff correspondent assigned to Washington in The law passed just five days after a truth commission published its report on the conflict, finding evidence of widespread human rights abuses.

Rosenthal insisted at the time and continues to maintain today ep the relatively inexperienced Bonner needed more training as a journalist and more understanding of the way the New Massacrw Times works.