First authorship does not mean extraordinary ability, unless his co-author’s recommendation letters can clearly specify his critical role in these publications; USCIS adjudicator has no way of knowing where you stand in your field. Paragraph 3 Documentation regarding how the applicant qualifies for permanent resident status based on the Outstanding Professor or Researcher category. I am a professor and Associate Chair at [Department] of [University]. It means that only few in the field have such a good publication record: Recent Questions on Green Card.

The recommender has no idea what are the specific EB1A requirements you need to address. And I plan something very special for early customers, only for a short period of time. I also used different versions of the subject, salutation, closing statement etc. Kennesaw State University has every intention of employing Dr. In my petition, I checked out 6 of 10 qualifications: To meet these EB1-EA requirements and reach the achievement level, an applicant needs to work hard, make discoveries, publish papers, report the results on the meetings, and try to get awards. Iuswy to participate in the large project devoted to the search of genetic regions in the human genome, which are involved in the vulnerability to drug abuse.

For example, reference letters are often used to convince that the petitioner has made original scientific contributions of major significance in the field.

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Previous Entry Next Entry. It might also convince USICS officer that the petitioner has a significant impact on the whole field.

I am going to drop two and argue the other three.

Eb1 personal statement example. Eligible EB1A green card applicants are aliens of extraordinary ability who demonstrate an extraordinary ability in their profession or field and have been recognized for their accomplishments.


eb1 personal statement example

Please see the recommendation letter sample below. Based on the foregoing, we submit that Dr.

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Here, the alien applicant is required to show his extraordinary ability. Designed by Lilia Ahner. It is necessary to highlight specific EB1A requirements and provide an explanation why the petitioner meets these criteria. For EB1 Extraordinary Ability Alien of Extraordinary Ability application and alien of extraordinary ability, you should have extraordinary ability in the sciences, arts, education, business or athletics which has been demonstrated by sustained national or international acclaim, and your achievements have been recognized in the field through extensive documentation.

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But it is better to focus on the strong ones. Under supervision of Dr. I submitted 6 reference letters, 3 from US and 3 from Canada and Japan.

Thank you very much.

EB-1A Extraordinary Ability

This project was an effort of eprsonal people, and my role was mostly the analysis of experimental results of other members of the research team, creating the computer database and making the biological sense of the stqtement. Other than that, self-claims in these petition has zero weight as far as I see so far. The USCIS officer argued “it has not established that the noteworthy achievements required of all SigmaXi’s 5, new members each year rise to the field of outstanding achievements required by this criterion.


In 19—he returned to the US for a period as a visiting scholar. Submission of only part of the evidence request will be considered as a request for a decision based upon the record”. Green Card Application for Myself? Green Card while Outside the United States? Average EB1A petition typically includes 5 to 10 reference letters. The letter should include the date when it was written. Be patient and read it again and again. In the RFE replying cover letter, the applicant may explain the research which he presented in particular papers.

eb1 personal statement example

Kennesaw State University Beneficiary: It means that only few in the field have such a good publication record: This, in turn, will result in better and healthier life for people in US and worldwide. Thanks one more time for the content in your blog!!

Shorter high-quality letter with strong arguments is better than lengthy vague statements. It requires that an applicant’s extraordinary ability “has been demonstrated by sustained national or international acclaim and whose achievements have been recognized in the field through extensive documentation. Of course, there could be men and women at both positions. The alien applicant may still have chance for the approval, and we do hear fair amount of cases are approved after RFE.

The United States academic community and our community at large will profit greatly by scientists of the stature of Dr.