Was Britain divided about Indian independence, ? Dunkirk, located in the grape belt, produces wines and other grape products. Print this article Print all entries for this topic Cite this article. Home Explore the BBC. This source is secondary, with an objective account. Yes it is a reliable source because it is written for a schoolbook to learn about the topic.

A lot of people with very bad experiences cannot talk about it and its probably best to accept that. The Germans shelled and bombed hospital ships, without the possibility of claiming it was an error on their part. He could be an economic, social or militarily historian. If Dunkirk is to be pushed into obscurity it would be a national tragedy – so, let me pick up the trumpet and sound off loud and clear, to disclose why this should never happen, but firstly why it might. The BBC is not responsible for the content of any external sites referenced. Once more the rescue ships returned, speed being of the essence, but alas some 15, French troops were left behind to surrender to the Germans. I am going to examine four sources and test the theory that this really was a miracle.

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The answer to that question was the thought of tens of thousands of men waiting in that inferno suffering, praying, cursing and dying, but knowing that eventually their sea-going comrades would arrive, whatever the situation. Do you happen to know what happened to the remainder of the allied forces who were left behind at Dunkirk?

French troops, hoping to maintain a bridgehead for counter-attack, played the main role in enabling the British to depart.

On 26 May the British government ordered evacuation. In the later nineteenth and early twentieth centuries one of the most high profile political questions concerned whether or not women should get the vote.


I look forward to getting your views. Evacuatoin by Topic Key questions in dunkikr world history What went wrong at Gallipoli in ?

I feel that it is time certain facts are brought to the attention of the public and especially to the Government, or their representatives who arrange national functions, such as the D-Day landings etc.

dunkirk evacuation coursework

Although I do not know who wrote the source I know it was written for the front page of the British newspaper the daily express on the 31st of Maythis means it is a primary source. The Representation of the People Act in gave some women over 30 the vote in British General Elections for the first time.

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The troops criticized the Royal Air Force RAF for abandoning them to their fate on the beaches, but this view was too harsh. The city also manufactures steel, food products, and clothing. They say it was a defeat. This proved to be a crucial mistake. Source 4 — this source is not a narrative source or a source full of statistics. In the bottom right of this there is an animated map which shows the historic sequence very well.

However, as the fighting troops arrived in the area, discipline improved and the rate of embarkation speeded up. Inwar broke out between North and South Korea.

Because this source is visual it is very good for kinaesthetic cleaners to develop an understanding of this operation. It was published just after the evacuation and therefor it is a primary source. Forum Archive This forum is now closed These messages courseeork added to this story by site members between June and January Of 40 destroyers involved in the evacuation only 13 were fit for further service.


dunkirk evacuation coursework

You are browsing in: It was written to inform British people of the circumstances. Vice-Admiral Bertram Ramsey, flag officer for Dover, deftly coordinated the evacuation, and the navy gallantly brought out the troops despite heavy veacuation during the embarkation.

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It is a leading French port with daily ferry service to Ramsgate and Dover, England. General John Vereker, Viscount Gort, the commander in chief of the BEF, was authorized to withdraw his beleaguered force to the coast in order to be transported back to Britain. The BBC is not responsible for the content of any external sites referenced.

dunkirk evacuation coursework

He escaped and managed to get to Dunkirk after many days. Learn more about citation styles Citation styles Encyclopedia.

Dunkirk Source-Based Coursework

I have especially been considering: He fought in the action at Wormoudt where his section was blown up in it’s position. Although I do not know this I still have reason to believe the map is a British map because of the title. My father was dying before he actually spoke to me about the horror of Dunkirk.

The title of this map is operation Dynamo. AD and often fortified, Dunkirk played a key role in the struggles in Europe that extended over centuries; it was ruled successively by Flanders, Burgundy, Austria, France, England, and Spain.