The assessment is based on the views of two or more external reviewers. The faculty approves or rejects the doctoral dissertation and decides the possible grade. Find out what professional qualifications are awarded at the bachelor’s first cycle level in the list below titled “List of all qualifications, length and credits”. In contrast, a forskarassistent is the first position of the institutional professorship ladder. These qualifications are called professional qualifications. First cycle is for the most part equivalent to what is known as the undergraduate level, or bachelor’s level of studies. After completing the studies and theses required for the doctoral degree, the student applies to the faculty for a doctoral degree certificate with a certificate application form.

A formal account of the hearing process, including aspects of equal opportunity, is part of the recommendation sent to the Government. In some cases, you must have already completed a programme from which you received a license to work in that profession. Fine, applied and performing arts qualifications A fine, applied or performing arts qualification is awarded after studying an artistic higher education programme. The essay will contain the three reasons. These guidelines, called the Bologna Process, help all countries describe higher education in the same way. To the Higher Education Ordinance, Annex 2. Second cycle corresponds to graduate level or master’s level studies.

Adjunkt is a teaching position, often part-time, that requires at least a bachelor’s degree, may require a master’s degree, and does not require a PhD degree.

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This, in turn, is based on the opinion of lektors, professors and students. All courses and programmes at universities and university colleges are divided into three levels: Individuals retain the docent title for life, but if appointed to the rank of professor, the title is dropped as redundant.

There are some qualifications that lead to a specific profession, for example teaching, engineering or nursing.


This teaching position typically requires a PhD, and is similar to an assistant professor in the USA. The title of forskarassistent assistant professor should not be confused with the title of forskningsassistent research assistant which is a much more junior position that is common before the enrollment in the PhD education nor it should be taken as a position of assistance to someone else.

Licentiate Thesis Once the licentiate thesis has passed the plagiarism detection, the student submits the thesis to the faculty to be examined. Thesis statements help organize and develop the body of the writing piece. Click here for a bigger picture of the diagramme. Accordingly, a docent may teach at all levels and be appointed by the faculty as opponent at a PhD Thesis defence.

The position as doktorand does not per se distinguish between those students who are employed and those benefiting from public or private grants. While employment as doktorand is unpopular with faculty for economical reasons, it is widely demanded by student organizations and acknowledge in law. The title docent is not an employment position, but rather a competency level “habilitation” required to be the main supervisor of a doctoral student, or to serve as a member of the committee that assesses the defense of a PhD thesis.

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Most programmes offered at the bachelor’s level in Sweden are 3 years of full-time studies in length and award credits. At the doctoral third cycle level, there are general and artistic qualifications.

The appointment is for six years, renewable for two times three years. It contains the topic and the controlling idea.

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Despite the lack of competition, the formal requirements typical coincide with the requirements tgesis to be appointed as professor. The position is proscribed in law; prorektors usually hold the rank of lektor or higher.


This article is written like a manual or guidebook. The teaching ladder starts with adjunct instructor adjunktcontinues with lecturer lektorand ends with professor. Today, almost all lecturer positions require a PhD degree.

A formal account of the hearing process, including aspects of equal opportunity, is part of the recommendation sent to the Government. As a member of the European Union, Sweden conforms to a number of guidelines for higher education in Europe. Third cycle corresponds to doctoral or PhD level studies. Views Read Edit View history. It is usually expressed in one sentence, and the statement may be reiterated elsewhere.

Completing a Degree Doctoral Dissertation Once the doctoral student and the supervisors agree befyder the doctoral dissertation is ready for the pre-examination, the doctoral student will submit it to the plagiarism detection. The essay will contain the three reasons.

The term lektor is a position of employment. Most universities and colleges are subdivided into departments, headed by the prefekt and the department board or, sometimes, by the prefekt alone.

doctoral thesis betyder

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This usually means a kandidatexamen from Sweden, or a bachelor’s degree from another country.

doctoral thesis betyder

Both unions and universities agree that this must doctorap over time, but progress has been slow. Coursework includes all levels, but lecturers do not necessarily act as examiners at the PhD level.