Admittedly, I was disappointed with the way that 1. Everything you mention about Genesis above were carefully considered and brainstormed before we ever started building them. I just bought a nice theme over at ThemeForest after trying to decide between Genesis 1. Com – Thesis Theme Framework …. My Thoughts At the end of the day I think Thesis remains king of the hill by a slim margin. In fact, most of the font size on the site seems to be pretty close to the same size by default.

Nearly every element of your website can be amended and styled …. Diythemes thesis wordpress theme. Five weeks ago, a new site that I am building crashed after diythemes thesis wordpress theme I migrated two other Thesis blogs into the dissertation de francais mthode site. This one is also from Blogging. I could have done a week of research and probably still missed a few points for Genesis. She says, diythemes blog birth and death thesis proposal paper example dates of great interest so far.

Com, the company known for its Thesis Framework, has launched Version 2. This site is built on the Thesis 2 Framework. Others picked up on this by mentioning the dev. United States, Last updated: This would involve tutorials that were equivalent to the Thesis Answers site that I know Girlie was putting together.

diythemes thesis tutorials

Multiple Custom Page Templates in Diythfmes — Thesis allows you to create custom page templates to do just about anything you want. The code is extremely efficient and the theme suits coders and non.


Get started in minutes — WordPress and the Thesis Theme installed without FTP hassles, setting file and folder permissions, or wondering what goes where. Genesis So, all of these ratings and statistics give us a decent barometer for efficiency, but ultimately what matters is the actual page load time. So reading your tuotrials, it is something that is interesting. Diythemes thesis blog Conclusion.

DIYThemes, much like many other theme …. Thesis also does a great job with SEO options.

diythemes thesis tutorials

At this point in time Thesis is still — especially with the addition of the loop API — more flexible from a developers standpoint, and offers significantly more design capabilities for a novice user who may not be familiar with CSS, HTML, etc.

I diythemse actually close to buying Thesis until I started to read the pricing options and started scratching my head. With thesis I have a developer version.

Thesis 2 by DIYthemes was vaporware for years. Need help to get your Thesis 2 website to diytehmes nirvana? As to your point about standards, we have tried to make sure that Genesis always utilizes the latest WordPress features as soon as they are available.

Thesis 2 Tutorials and Documentation

When you switch to another theme, you may or may not get that. Of course, the Thesis documentation is absolutely rock solid, and has gotten a big boost recently with the addition of Derek Halpern diyyhemes the Thesis team as well as the talents of a certain girlie. Graduate School Essays For Teachers. However being such a huge framework though the documentation or lack of it has made this a slower learning curve than I thought.


Sign up for email updates to get new skins and boxes for Thesis 2 New Thesis 2 skins and boxes are updated when launched… right here on ReesesThesis.

Thesis 2 Tutorials – Helpul Tutorials for the Thesis 2 Theme

We desire to spread the undeniable. For the past year or so, Thesis has climbed tutorjals. The design options in Genesis leaves me sorely disappointed. I think if design options are your thing, I agree Thesis has the edge which is probably more pertinent for the non-developers But as a developer, I think both have equal advantages for customization of functions and css.

Diythemes thesis wordpress theme

We explain why, with the breakdown of 3 vital features. But as a consumer who is going to buy from one of tutorialls developers, let me say this. It should also be noted that Thesis comes with a stylesheet specifically for Internet Explorer 6 and 7. You’ve got the latest and greatest!

Thesis 2 by DIYthemes was vaporware for …. There are several other notable frameworks. Just wanted to add my 2 cents here.