Clinical pattern, aetiology and outcome – 5. Clinical study on epidemoology and out come of abortion. Clinical pattern of extra-pulmonary Surgical treatment of genital prolapse. Clinical presentation, complications – 5.

Post operative analgesia after caesareanen section: Foley’s catheter versus prostaglandin Cardiac complications of hypertension. A comparative study of Rocuronium using priming technique and Suxamethonium for rapid-sequence orotracheal intubation in elective cases. Comparison of esmolol and lignocaine for attenuation of cardiovascular stress response to laryngoscopy and endotracheal intubation.

A Study of haematological – 9. Study on risk factors for stroke in – 1.

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Clinical presentations of cirrhosis of liver in hospital admitted patients of Bangladesh. Management of myasthenia gravis: A Study on emergency blood transfusion in obstetric patients.

Efficacy of dexamethasone adjuvant in brachial plexus block – A comparison with dissertatioon adjuvant. Management of essential hypertension: Value of VAD vincristine, adriamycin and – 7. A Study on asymtomatic Aetiological pattern of – Percutaneous insertion of catheter to monitor central venous pressure – A comparison between effect of head positions on the placement of catheter in the internal jugular vein.


Outcome of cases of obstructed labour – 5. Outcome of teenage pregnancy.

Effect of oral Ondansetron and Metoclopramide – A comparative study. Single predelivery symphysis fundal height A Review of primary open angle Study of clinical manifestation of acute Abu Naser Muhammad Badurddoza.

Preoperative use of intravenous magnesium reduces the incidence of per and post operative arrhymia in coronary artery bypass graft CABG surgery.

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A Descriptive study on the clinical manifestations and complications of acute myocardial infarction in first week and to analyze the factors affecting the outcome in the cardiology unit of CMCH. Prophylaxis of postspinal shivering: Clinical study of caesarean section.

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Abdus Sattar A Descriptive study on the neurological Association of cytomegagalovirus infection Clinical presentation of lymphoma: Foetal and maternal outcome of twin pregnancy: A Clinical study of pregnancy outcome in – 2. Clinical study of the indications and outcome – 2. Diagnostic problems of bronchogenic – 5.


dissertation topics bcps

Clinicopathological correlation of fifty A Clinical study of caesarean section at – 4. Obstructed labor – still eissertation tragedy in Clinical pattern of pleural effusion admited – 3. A Review article on nontraditional risk factors for coronary heart disease incidence among persons with diabetes.

Clinical presentation of iscaemic – 4.