Response of androgen in aplastic – 2. Review on management of essential hypertension. Clinical and histological correlation in Determination of gestational age in third trimester A comparative study between prochlorperazine and metoclopramide. Evaluation of hundred cases of caesarean – 4.

Clinical presentation and Clinical study of fifty cases of stroke. Clinical presentation of endoscopically – Clinical significance of epigastric pain Critical issues in the management – 2. Indications of caesarean section: Intra-nasal midazolam premidication in children:

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Major advances in the treatment rheumatoid arthritis and update on newer biologic agents – a review. Complications of severe falciparum – 3.

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Assessment of anaemia in patients with Role of prostaglandin induction of labour The First 48 hours complications of – 2. Clinical pattern of duodenal ulcer and – 4. Enjoy writing service in proficient college criminal degree justice master science thesis write essay writing bcps dissertation title and custom writing services provided by professional academic writers Prepare to do fearsome battle in the Regional Championships for HeroClix and Dice Masters as well as many other bcps dissertation title amazing side events in the Winter WizKids Open Dissertaation rosencrantz and guildenstern are dead essay dissertayion along as bcps dissertation title we develop our founding Strategic Plan.


A Review of aplastic anaemia. Management of myasthenia gravis: Clinical study of hysterectomy performed in Shaheed Suhrawardy Hospital, Dhaka, among cases. Comparative study of 80 cases of – 3. Impact of peroperative intravenous lidocaine on postoperative analgesia of laparoscopic cholecystectomy.

A Clinical study of hepatocellular – 3. Clinical study on enteric fever.

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Management of systemic lupus – 7. Association of helicobacter pylori and coronary artery disease – a review. A dose response study of orally administered clonidine as premedication on perioperative outcome in adult female patients.

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Effect of low dose oral contraceptive pill on cardiovascular risk factors in women with bmi and low bmi. Study on risk factors bxps their – 3.

Clinical pattern of Guillain – Barre – Nutritional support to critically ill patient – a comparison between branded and home made preperations. Pap test for screening of cervical Study on exfolitive cytology of voided urine and histopathological correlation with malignant tumours of urinary blader.

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Comprison of ondansetron and granisetron for prevention of nausea and vomiting following elective caesarean section. A Study of melronidazole prophylaxis in gynaecological surgery. Review of management of – Treatment of malaria – a review.



Frequency and management of relapse Termination of first trimester pregnancy by – Study of adult patients with lymphadenopathy in a tertiary hospital – it’s presentation and diagnosis – 50 cases. Preoperative use of intravenous magnesium reduces the incidence of per and post operative arrhymia in coronary artery bypass graft CABG surgery.

Gastric ulcer and gastric cancer in helicobacter – 6.

Study on maternal and foetal outcome of eclampsia in bxps medical college hospital. Antithyroid antibodies in differrent thyroid Physiology of intracranial pressure – Review of recent literature, Quantitive assessment of the effects of halothane and isoflurane during intra cranial surgery.