However, Arnhem’s ultimate definition of the relationship between art and entropy takes on some of the drama of the “dissolution” version of entropy. On the contrary, Dada’s shock-work is understood from a perspective through which it could be seen to have grasped, as a revelation, the historicity of aestheticism and its particular concept of art, a historicity that could only now become apparent. Modernism’s force may have derived from its attention to the ontology of the art- object, but — despite the claims of Greenberg — abstraction does not necessarily confirm an ontology of simple unity. From this point of view the fact that works often appear to have become frozen, mute, thing-like and radically atemporal, is far more interesting. Other expressionist evenings hosted by Ball and Huelsenbeck included the kind of aggressive and theatrical readings that would characterize Dada performances.

Add to the object from the other another object to form a new object and a new “other”. Dada’s character as a shock is then, on the one hand, highly efficient it is like a flash of lightning which suddenly reveals the true character of art in bourgeois society , but on the other hand it has no effect at all. Here I owe special thanks to Per Hovdenak and Ken Friedman who assigned me to work with the archive, placing material and resources at my disposal as well as providing inspiration and encouragement. The process of deferral, which structures time as a complicated process of anticipation and retention, cannot be thought without attention to the force of an absolute, singular “here and now” i. He also began writing, contributing critical reviews, plays, poems, and articles to the expressionist journals Die Neue Kunst [The New Art] and Die Aktion , both of which, in style and in content, anticipated the format of later Dada journals.

Each faculty must be borne to the extreme point of its dissolution When, or what, is the proper time of a work of art? Ap language essay structure. Caught in an art history construed on the biological model of progeny, Raoul Hausmann typically acts out the double bind in which the avant-garde finds itself 47 Benjamin introduces this term to describe the moment of distancing or destruction in the giving l tradition.


Hugo Ball – Monoskop

In Ball applied for military service three times and was rejected on each occasion for medical reasons. On the contrary ideology, and the strange hold it has on us despite the fact that we often know better, comes from its sublime character, i.

While the concept was formulated inthe work on the project started in and continues to the present: For the defining traits of this presence was precisely the uncompromising claim to reality itself, in its concrete, dadaismw materiality. Albert bandura reciprocal determinism. Such a dissertatiln does in fact seem to conflict with the central understanding of the deconstructive operation as neither active nor passive, but essentially an exposure to a process of becoming or unfolding.

On the contrary, this Event could be seen to mark a resistance to taking over this tradition as tradition — i. Ultimately, then, it is not the Dada works but their repetition in Neo-Dada that are devoid of fadaisme.

L’absurde dans le théâtre Dada et présurréaliste français – Mgr. Mariana Kunešová, Ph.D.

I see anti-art as an aspect of art, for example, an am indifferent to them both. Thus, this dissertation shall not use M. The pain of what was essentially a double-bind situation can be dadaimse in both fields as this problem is dealt with.

Made to be felt in the here and now, it can only be realized in the future. Halprin calls out for a theatre of risk, exposure and intensity, a theatre in which “everything is experienced as if for the first time”.

Here I’ve chosen to focus rather narrowly on the work and writings of Raoul Hausmann, in order to question the strategies through which such an ideal take on presence. Thesis defence Date of defence: There are several reasons for my interest in this perspective. Cage, in Kostelanetz, Reprinted in Hendricks, ed. But the contemporary position from which an unfolding is traced is necessarily bound up in the mechanism of repetition one tries to understand only that by which one is indelibly marked.


A breeze will come and sweep the strings.

dissertation sur le dadaisme

Lacan refers to this parable in order to clarify his point about the presence of the dream, or fantasy, in dissertatioj itself. But, simultaneously, this consistency appears precarious: For this reason, the presence of Dada itself will be discovered only within the terms of its own self-difference.

Essay on the necklace. The question of non-self-identity is in fact a suur that runs through Hausmann’s writings, and particularly in relation to “definitions” of Dada itself.

What most strongly conflicts with the means-end rationality of the bourgeois principle is to become life’s organizing principle. Hence, since humans have an infinite capacity to invent properties and to find similarities, relations can be found between even an infinity of things.

dissertation sur le dadaisme

Now dadaismme can see the consistency of reality as a fantasy that serves to mask the lack that is at the heart of the reality-system itself. He is just a very old man and he gets easily confused. The naming of the Event in Neo-Dada will in other words be understood as a typical case of remembering in which nothing is remembered or the presentation of a continuity whose nature or contents are yet to be decided upon.

The mise-en-abyme of the Event in the early years of the Fluxus movement will be interpreted precisely as the enacted presence of a completing indifference.

dissertation sur le dadaisme