Most of the objections raised by Dinges and Schwerhoff will be dealt with below. This difference of technology affects the psychology of the two groups. There are sufficient examples of sustained de-integration in the past, of which the decline and fall of the Roman Empire in the West is probably the best known case. Whatever the age structure, it leaves the bare fact of the total population’s experience with violence unaltered. In , the Genoese administration itself had every reason to exaggerate. This example merely illustrates that some conflicts lasted for a longer time, a fact which Elias knew all too well of course. There was no unilinear and universal evolution from a violent to a less violent society.

Even then, it is unlikely that the reported figure of 28 homicides was based on a thorough and reliable investigation. His main interests are the history of violence from a comparative and theoretical perspective and European socio-cultural history. First, I postulated that impulsive vs planned violence and ritual vs instrumental violence were the end poles of two largely independent axes See also Gauvard The purpose of this essay is to re-assess the explanatory value of the theory of civilization in the light of historical data on interpersonal violence.

If they can’t disprove the theory of civilization on quantitative grounds, because of high levels of violence in the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries, they point at ritual and argue that attackers actually displayed a great amount of self-control. To be sure, Elias dealt with the concept of honor in his discussion of dueling in Elias In that perceptive study he shows that even the seemingly most trivial behavior of common people acquires meaning within the context of honor games.

Violence and the civilizing process : does it work ?

The appropriate reaction, therefore, is to take up that challenge, rather than simply reproaching Elias for not having done all the work himself. Conversely, figures for prosecuted homicide do not always yield the lowest rates. I am indebted to prof. We can discard his revolutionary bias, of course, if he banditisje correctly taken the number in question from an administrative document which we do not know 5.


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The accusation of evolutionism, however, can be ignored, since it is based on the unscholarly procedure of apportioning guilt dissedtation association: The involvement of priests casts doubt on Wilson’s thesis that feuds increased in severity in the 19th century, because of a growing disrespect for mitigating rules such as the immunity banditidme certain categories of persons, among whom priests Wilson,pp.

The former term suggests that a person or group out there is actively civilizing others, which, in its turn, might suggest that social processes come about because someone directs them.


German banditlsme followed suit: This was before women’s studies had emerged in academia. The comparison – preliminary as it must be within the confines of this essay – is between two groups who are relatively well-researched: The author tells of her life as a dancer international drug smuggler prisoner in a gripping true story. For PH, unlike for AM, every armed confrontation is potentially lethal.

Blokwho, however, does not provide homicide rates. Obviously, this is a methodological problem of concern to all researchers in the field, whether or not they accept the theory of civilization. How to Turn an Isaurian into a Subject? To the extent that the drug trade helps to sustain the culture of street violence, Western legislators, by prohibiting the consumption of certain substances, indirectly foster that culture.

Of course it would be unwise to take the surprisingly precise number of homicides reported by Salvini for granted, even though the abbot claimed he had it from a governmental document.


For those who think this theory is evolutionistic or teleological, the answer is simple. This argument was first put forward implicitly in Anderson See van Eck There was no unilinear and universal evolution from a violent to a less violent society.


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These two aspects, military ascendency and taxation, together made up the state monopoly, a number of which were established in Europe during the early modern period. For some historians, the popularity of this subject is sufficient reason to consider Elias’ approach antequated Both the imitation-and-refinement mechanism and that of conscious inculcation of norms in their turn formed part of overall blind changes.

Teamsters Rebels Politicians and the Mob. It will be concluded that research on the long-term development of homicide over bajditisme last twenty years has yielded impressive new evidence for the theory of civilization, which some historians nevertheless tend to ignore or attempt to explain away.

Viewed from that angle, it is equally unnecessary to control homicide rates for such factors as the proportion of young men in the population. There is no reason to assume a priori that dissertayion were lower in the early modern period. Still banditismme mistaken view is that Elias somehow badnitisme court society – and the French model at that – as a necessary stage, without which the process of civilization is unthinkable By contrast, a recent article by Gerd Schwerhoff offers a more sophisticated critique of the theory of civilization.

Executions and the Evolution of Repression: Based on the evidence, Dinges constructs an ideal-type scenario of a slowly escalating quarrel. In almost every society, people who attack and kill for no apparent reason have been considered mad.

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Jahrhunderts, in Lindenberger T.