Responses to the judo coaching scale indicated perceptions of coach effectiveness vary as a function of being a player or a coach, and by level of participation elite-v-non-elite. They are leading clinical practice using a transformational, ethically positioned leadership approach. Each phase of change was interpreted as an example of formal, political and then more collegial change respectively. In seven out of nine cases, there were no significant differences between article types in terms of rankings based on citation counts and the F Article Factor FFa scores. The research further sought to establish whether the global EI trait and its constituting dimensions predict the engagement in overeating behaviours, and whether coping styles mediate this relationship after controlling for depression scores. Four subject areas that value conferences were chosen for the analysis: Khansari, Azar Eftekhar A growing body of research provides evidence that it is possible to accurately predict personality traits from online activities on social media, Facebook in particular.

Mendeley, a social reference manager website, and Faculty of F F , a post- publishing peer review platform. JavaScript is disabled for your browser. The main superordinate themes identified included: Different formats are available for download. Questionnaires were distributed to respondents of which of them were retrieved and qualitative in-depth interviews were conducted for 6 participants. Subclinical delusional ideation and reasoning.

Results show significant relationship between judo coaching srructure score and emotional intelligence factors, with further analysis showing that elite coaches reported higher emotional intelligence scores than club coaches. It questions the uncritical acceptance of techgerialism i.

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When discussing Educational Technology, participants expressed socio-cultural concerns more readily than they addressed pedagogic issues and demonstrated both critical and tolerant beliefs towards the management of change. First, a comprehensive literature reviewed enabled the derivation of three hypotheses, which were then verified through a quantitative survey of the eight organizations.

This study was designed to investigate factors influencing access to emergency obstetric care with a view to guiding programmatic efforts targeted at overcoming these barriers and also contribute to health reforms in Nigeria.

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However, conference papers in Building and Construction Engineering attracted no Google Patent citations. It is hoped that findings from this research stimulates discussion, and action in the British Judo Association to revise the current system, which could lead to better judo coaching, better players, and ultimately enhanced Olympic success at London In Chapter 6, participants assigned plausibility ratings to interpretations of ambiguous pictures to see if structire high in delusional ideation see plausibility in interpretations dissegtation others disaertation reject or rate lowly.


Therefore, a model was subsequently developed for the improvement of KME in Abu Dhabi public organizations consisting of significant areas and dimensions of factors impacting on KME, which was developed in a group strucgure conducted with senior and middle management leaders from the considered organizations, who were responsible for implementing knowledge management.

The originality may also be inferred from the interventive relevance of the created plays, touching on how postcolonial trauma may be understood from the lens of the imagined nation, and events in the centre-periphery context. Thus, Wikipedia citations seem to have little value in engineering fields valuing conferences. A case study of three major Libyan cities. Liberal acceptance was also investigated in light of findings from studies with clinical patients in Chapters 6 and 7.

Beliefs and attitudes in judo coaching: toward a new model of coaching

Factors influencing access to emergency obstetric care amongst women seen in one of the tertiary health facilities in Delta State, Nigeria. The Alternative plays draw meanings from the initial plays and are interventive and socio-dramatic; revealing how trauma may be understood from other perspectives.

Thus, Mendeley bookmarking counts can potentially indicate the readership impact of research papers that have educational value for non-author users inside academia or the impact of research papers on practice for readers outside academia. Questionnaires were distributed to respondents of which of them were retrieved and qualitative in-depth interviews were conducted for 6 participants.

These include the separate but related hypotheses — the nature of the profession and changes in terms of management and training; the nature of the work situation including contracts and pay determination; and the nature of work relations as they impinge on nurse status including relations with co-workers and patients.

The research further sought to establish whether the global EI trait and its constituting dimensions predict the engagement in overeating behaviours, and whether coping styles mediate this relationship after controlling for depression scores. Ti is under researched within the FE sector and is used in this study to analyse the impact of the marketization of FE post-incorporation on the roles of individual teachers and teacher managers.

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Publisher University of Wolverhampton. Tochukwu, Moses Gift Building Information Modelling BIM as an ambitious Government Construction Strategy GCS on all publicly procured sector projects, is leading to a significant shift and changing the dynamics of cost professional functions.


The aim of the current study is to provide more insight into how interventions from Muslim perspectives can be administered by Muslim therapists with their Muslim clients in therapy in United Kingdom. Various subordinate themes were identified for strucfure of these main superordinate themes.

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To select a subset of the search results, click “Selective Export” button and make a selection of the items you want to export. This was caused by insufficient government funding for public sector hospitals, and the pressure to improve overall efficiency within the health service.

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The findings of this study supported the development of a model for school nurse leadership, that encompasses current thinking from quantum leadership, which recognises that change in healthcare is persistent dissertatkon encompasses the need for an ethical, transformational approach, with addition skills that focus on understanding whole systems within organisations and the impact change has on these.

JavaScript is disabled for your browser. The first focus was on investigating whether these two groups of participants have differing levels of a the global Emotional Intelligence EI trait and its constituting dimensions, b the engagement in overeating behaviours i.

High emotional intelligence is associated is proposed to be indicative of being able to manage the emotional states of other people and so should be a desirable quality in coaches. Multisample confirmatory factor analysis found support for the invariance of the model between coaches and players, thereby showing that relationships are consistent between different groups.

An empirical research with quantitative methods was undertaken. Type Thesis or dissertation. Exploring the mental health help-seeking dissertationn of British South Asian women and using these findings in the development of an intervention.

During the first phase, questionnaires were distributed face-to-face to four different groups: Consistent with this, participants high in delusional ideation also tended to report experiencing more coincidences than those low in delusional ideation in Chapters 5 and 8.