Dissertations should be handed into the Institute Office please note opening hours are generally 9am to 5pm, but may vary depending on staff commitments and a receipt obtained which should be kept in a safe place. The Disability and Dyslexia Service may be able to write a supporting letter. A working day is here defined as Monday to Friday at any time of year, with the exception of UK national holidays if submission cannot be made in person to the submission point or through Blackboard Learn, submission must be made by post. The difference between the two programmes is that PM provides a practical approach to measurement methods and 7 techniques, whereas LM deals more with management and legal aspects of the environment. It is always advisable to discuss problems affecting your studies or assessment with us as soon as you are aware of them — it may well be that we can agree arrangements with you to deal with the problem more effectively and in good time, without having to resort to the mitigating circumstances process which is often concerned with remedial action after the event.

When submitting an appeal you must stick to the published timeframes. There is little difficulty in picking up techniques and implementing them effectively. The University’s regulations for postgraduate degree programmes and awards changed for students entering programmes in or after 1 September Formal coursework submissions must be made to the course administrator OR representative not to tutors, lecturers, etc. Evidence of originality of thought and academic insight. Half of the taught module blocks will therefore be taken in year one and the remaining half will be taken in year two.

Dissertation late submission brunel

The guidance that follows describes these new regulations. IfE offers expertise in a variety of environmental science areas relating to environmental management, environmental monitoring, environmental change, sustainable business, sustainable design, human and wildlife health, water and waste management, environmental hazards and risk, and will provide you with a core knowledge and understanding of contemporary environmental science issues relevant to the climate change challenges that we all face.

Any decision made by your School based on copied documents will be preliminary, and subject to receipt of original documents and verification, where necessary.

This checklist should be completed for every research project. If you are in any doubt about whether something might affect your performance, tell your School about it at the appropriate time. The overall grade in an assessment block will be determined with reference to the weightings assigned to each element of assessment in the approved outline. Can the contents of the dissertation be understood from reading just the abstract? Generally, quotations should be quite short and should not be merely a vehicle for getting across information, e.


The alternative option of last resort is to make a recommendation outside the provisions of the regulations to the Chair of LTC SR4.

dissertation late submission brunel

Diagrammatic material may on rare occasions rely on scanned-in images but figures will be described and relevant. Accurate presentation of evidence Here students are evaluated on the quality and accuracy of the evidence presented. Formal minutes of meetings will be taken, which will be kept for record. Any work submitted will be matched against numerous online sources, web pages and other student papers and the Originality Report will indicate the percentage of the submitted text that matches with the sources.

This is known as academic misconduct, and the most common form of misconduct is plagiarism. For all Masters degrees, the dissertation shall be designated a core assessment block.

Dissertation Late Submission Brunel

Always give a full reference including page number for all quotations. If you are undertaking a Level 4 programme element, you must meet the requirements for successful completion of the Level 4 programme element, as dizsertation out in the relevant programme specification, in order to progress to the Masters-level parts of the programme. The supervisor idssertation obtain from the student, at the start of the project, a statement outlining the aims of the dissertation, including an outline plan.

Always attribute all ideas that are brnuel your own nor in common currency. We do not mind which one of these arrangements you adopt, because both are effectively correct; however it is good practice to be consistent, so please use only one arrangement in any one piece of coursework. It should also illustrate the extent to which the original aims have been satisfied, any difficulties you have identified and what future work is suggested.

A Board of Examiners should be held within 2 calendar months of the normal dissertation submission deadline for the programme to submidsion recommendations for degrees and other awards and shall consider the profiles, including the dissertations, of students with and without revised dissertation deadlines. Thus you may compare your own dissertation work with the text below, and this will give you a general idea of the level of your work.


The form can be found at http: It does not form part of the assessment criteria for the research proposal, but must be completed to help students consider the ethical implications of research. Referencing involves clearly acknowledging your use of, and directing your reader lahe, your sources: If, after reassessment, you still do not meet the minimum requirement for the award of a Masters degree brune, may be eligible for a lower award see ‘Other awards’, below.

Note that under this scheme, at least ten contact points throughout the academic year are used to monitor the attendance and engagement of the students.

dissertation late submission brunel

It will be evidenced rissertation i a thorough literature review followed by a critical appreciation of the various aspects of the topic detailing their strengths and limitations, or ii a clear presentation of the data followed by a critical appreciation of the data detailing their value and relevance in the scientific context of the topic. Analysis of the main aspects will be lacking with most of the literature work showing no clear attempt to discuss the rationale and implications of the work in relation to the work of others.

Formal coursework submissions must be made to the course administrator OR representative not to tutors, lecturers, etc. You must submit your request within 15 working days of the notification of the outcome of Internal Resolution.

dissertation late submission brunel

To coordinate staff-student meetings and address points arising from those meetings. Learning and Teaching; Chapter B4: The lecturer may then, as a courtesy to all present, inform the class that an audio recording is being made.

Accurate presentation of evidence Much evidence inaccurate 7.