The relational and performative abilities of things artistic research; with dr. It could imply that certain firms should not minimize their accounts receivables during crisis periods, but since there is no significant relation this cannot be concluded. The method that was used is the OLS regression analysis, in which the number of days accounts receivables, accounts payables, inventories and the cash conversion cycle are analysed. Nevertheless, the notation also has an interpretation of its own, in abstract mathematical terms rather than concrete real world terms. The second part of this chapter addresses the choice of the dependent, independent and control variables. The mediating role of technology in scientific knowledge with prof.

Current Ratio There is only one measurement for this variable and is calculated by dividing current assets with current liabilities. It implies that in crisis periods, firms are better off increasing their number of days accounts receivables, based on the profitability of the next year. Nagenborg UT , Prof. Bank Lending during the Financial Crisis of Variable Definition Working Capital Measures how long a firm will be deprived of cash if it increases its investment in resources in order to expand customer sales. In this paper we address the task of automatically finding an expert within the organization, known as the expert search problem.

Unpublished Technical Htwente,4 pages. They found that firms grant more trade credit to firms with higher credit worthiness, but these firms use less trade credit when they have access to the capital market.

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The opposite of this approach is the aggressive WCM policy. PhD in the Fine Arts.

Unpublished Technical Report, 1st version Apart from the technical aspects, we show that personalizing the policies introduces some inference breaches which have to be further investigated.

The sale can be purchased by cash or by trade credit. The working capital cycle represents the time difference between the acquisition of raw materials and other inputs, and the receiving of cash from the sale of the finished goods.


Consider a first order typed language, with semantics S for expressions and types. Unpublished Technical Report,1 page.

This control variables is used in the studies of DeloofRaheman and Nasr dissertatin Dong and Su If this is indeed the case then the choice of giving a customer trade credit depends on the short-term benefits but mainly on the long-term benefits and the risk that is taken by this choice. The concrete problem is: This credit term will give the seller the possibility to monitor the buyer more closely and could determine the risk of this investment.

Introduction This master thesis will provide a snapshot of how Dutch public listed firms manage their working capital during both a non-crisis period and a crisis period.

The remainder of this page describes the publications in more detail.

Life cycles discussed elsewhere regarding the informal and pragmatic ddissertation can be formally defined as a process model with some un-conventional features, namely: Furthermore, we show how to balance verifiability and influence of explanation components through the concept of verifiable views. I assume that this is due to the fact dsisertation in these other studied countries the number of manufacturing firms is a lot higher compared to countries such as The Netherlands and Belgium.

International Research Journal of Finance and Economics, Mostly because cutting any cost during a crisis is utwfnte important, even for larger firms, to survive the turbulent times of a crisis.

An advantage of this approach is that the inherent uncertainty of context information, due to the fact that context information is often acquired through sensors, can be easily integrated in the model.

With every step of the cycle there are associated costs, which are direct costs and opportunity costs. Studies among the literature of working capital show various different averages of the CCC. In this literature, there is a long debate between the risk and return of the different working capital policies Pinches, ; Brigham and Ehrhardt, ; Moyer et al.


Higher inventory levels and variable demand The main motive uhwente keeping high levels of inventories, which are raw materials, work-in- progress, and finished goods, is to keep them as a buffer dissertayion demand fluctuations, production stoppages and other unexpected problems Cuthbertson and Gasparro, ; Lieberman et al, This collapse can be explained with two reasons, the first is that firms that extent trade credit suffer financial constraints themselves and therefore grant less trade credit supply effect.

Traditional databases are not designed or optimized for deleting data. Since these future sales are only enhancing the profitability of a firm in the near future, makes these positive relations very reasonable. The results of the non-crisis Pearson correlation analysis shows that the number of days accounts payables negatively relates two both the dependent variables return on assets and gross operating profit. Financial Management Summerpp. The analyses of the relation between accounts receivables and the lead dependent variable gross operating profit divided by total assets minus financial assets showed a significant positive relation.

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The difference is likely to be caused by the fact that this study only focussed on large firms and Deloof also included Small to Medium Enterprises SMEs. There are several reasons for this higher reliability, the first disswrtation is that it measures only the performance of the operating activities of a firm.

dissertation evaluation form utwente

Management Science, 45 6pp. A way to model Context-Aware Preferences. Trade Credit and bank credit: This is particularly useful for queries involving quantifications hidden in the natural language formulation.