We also have fall break and no class the following Tuesday. The suggested textbooks are 1 Guillemin-Pollack, Differential Topology 2 Spivak, Calculus on manifolds 3 Lee, Introduction to smooth manifolds 4 Milnor, Topology from a differential viewpoint see also Milnor videos We will use primarily 1 and 2. We’ll develop our own tools later in the semester. If your handwriting is difficult to read, type your homework. The formulas for v 1 , v 2 and n should involve partial derivatives of f x,y , not of F x,y which doesn’t even make sense, since F is a function of x,y,z.

By appointment Homework and Grades: New final exam posted. October 23, in class. Final Exam and Practice Exam are posted. Office hours Tuesdays, Thursday.

These are optional and informal.

Page 32, 1, 2, 4. Class lectures updated substantially. On problem 8either prove part e of the theorem or make sure you understand the proof in the book, since we did not do this part in class.

Spring 2007

Final Exam and Practice Exam are posted. The best way to avoid any suspicion of copying is to write out your homework solutions on your own, not whilst working with a friend.


differential topology guillemin homework solutions

Classroom changed to allow for higher class enrollment. Thursday, May 3rd Solutions Final: Tuesdays,in Room 17 Eckhart Hall, and by appointment. October 9, in class.

differential topology guillemin homework solutions

Shoot for lucidity rather than terseness. Problem 4 Page The weekly homework sets do not require you to reference any textbook as I write out all the problems. Homewor, Gualtieri [ ], office hours by appointment.

If you drive, you can park on State as our house is at the intersection of 9th and State. Added some topology review notes. I encourage you to discuss the problems and to work on the problems together; collaboration is a big part of mathematical research.

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We also might have an exam on in class. Problems 2,7,10 Pages Homework is to be turned in to my office or mailbox by 4: I might need to add more problems on regular values. Cheating on exams is unacceptable. Page topolohy, 2, 3, 4, and 9. Religious holidays are not an excuse for late homework!


Differential Topology Homework

Pageproblems 10, 11, 14, 17, January 20, in class Assignment 7: Same due date of Keep a look out! If your handwriting is difficult to read, type your homework. The trolley Bus 23 drops off 5 blocks from my house. Ragged margins, multi-column and otherwise over-dense formats, and unstapled sheets are unacceptable.

Pset 4 will be due on Turn homework in my mail box located in Math labeled with my last name.

Differentiable Manifolds

We will use primarily 1 and 2. Solutions to the problems on part 2 of the notes available here. Page 45, 5, 16, 17,