Percentages of the students’ answers to the collocation make mistake 20 15 10 5 0 do make have no answer Figure According to Maning and Hinrich This means that the word meaning changes as its collocates change. These verbs have light meaning; their meanings are changed from one phrase to another according to a certain noun. They translated them Collocations as free combinations rather than fixed ones because of their overuse of literal translation word for word translation.

Accordingly, a pilot study is a preliminary trial of research which is essential to test the practicability of the instrument used by the researcher and to ensure the reliability, clarity and comprehensibility of all the study items and instructions. Percentages of the students’ translations of the Collocation do exercises ………………………………………………………………………… The students’ translations of the Collocation do exercises …… The findings reveal that the subjects’ overall level of performance on the receptive test were unsatisfactory. Error Mean make T1

delexical verbs thesis

That is, a certain noun occurs with a certain adjective e. Certain words in Arabic co-occur with either a range or a restricted list of words, e.

Delexical Verb + Noun Collocations in Swedish and Chinese Learner English

In order to investigate whether there is a significant difference between the participants’ performances in the two tests, a comparison is computed by using a paired- sample t-test. So, Collocations give the most natural way of saying something.

Translated by Al-Hilali and Khan Idioms pose many difficulties in translation because they are culture-specific and differ from language to language and from culture to culture.

To put it simply, English collocation errors were committed by the respondents due to their insufficient knowledge in both Arabic and English collocations and their meanings in sentences. This study may encourage researchers to conduct further research work on different aspects of Collocations to provide EFL learners with useful insights and recommendations. The subjects of this study are thesjs from the third year students of English, at the Faculty of Education-Radfan, University of Aden.


In order to avoid that students should thess “have” as a verb of several meanings.

delexical verbs thesis

In addition to identifying veerbs what extent they are able to select the appropriate verb which can be collocated with a certain noun. The first chapter includes a general introduction to the study, a statement of the problem, objectives of the study, research questions, hypotheses and the limitation of the study.

Delexical Verb + Noun Collocations in Swedish and Chinese Learner English

In this context, Madsen By Dina A El-Dakhs. Therefore, the same lexical item may tehsis expressed differently from one language to another because of difference of their collocational patterning.

The students’ translations of the collocation do theis Table 11 and the above figure 19both show the students’ translations as well as their percentages for the English collocation do exercises.

A total of 22 common English Collocations adjective-noun Collocations relate to topics such as clothes, weather, and food were used in both tests.

Ying Wang – Department of English

In Channell’s study, a group of eight EFL learners with advanced-level proficiency were asked to fill in a collocational grid. The sample of the study are a homogenous group of boys and girls because the sex and the age variables are not important in this study. Both tests were numbered, and each participant was given a number to ensure that the same participant took the two tests.

Students may face difficulties also in translating some new English Collocations.

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For example the verb “break” in its sense of “causing something to be damaged and separated” collocates with concrete objects such as glass, plate, window… etc. Shehata conducts the only available study that has particularly examined Arab ESL learners’ collocational knowledge. Understand that the production of Collocations in L2 can be interfered by L1 Collocations.


Such misusage can be ascribed to the informants’ lack of experience with English collocations, and this supports the fourth hypothesis: According to Manning and Hinrich Dwlexical results provide support for other studies which show that if the learners’ knowledge of Vebs Collocations is incomplete they construct meaning by relying on the “open choice principle”, e.

The data also show a slightly positive relationship between learners’ use of lexical Collocations and their overall language proficiency.

This is related to the “linguistic competence” Chomsky which is a very important part in the act of communicating, or translation, despite this, one cannot neglect the other indispensable factor which helps in understanding the other; the cultural aspect because the “translator is required to know not only what is specific about the language he is translating, rather he has to know the people who belong to it” George, Show downloadable dissertations only.

The learners mistranslated the intended meaning of the given collocation because they did not deldxical it make a decision vetbs collocation of one unit of meaningand this supports the fourth hypothesis: This example illustrates the fact that words having different meanings combine together and form words having totally different meanings.

Henceforth, the translator has to bear in mind all these types of difficulties, cross- linguistic differences, and socio-cultural characteristics so to carry out an effective translation; as well as dealing with all kinds of deexical.

delexical verbs thesis

The findings reveal that the subjects’ overall level of performance on the receptive test were unsatisfactory. Comparison the means between make in T1 with make in T2 ……… Table