All this publication’s reviews Read full review. Thus, the songs are shorter, more eclectic and rife with hills and valleys of beat that urge you to stop and listen. Their old albums made me and millions of fans want to get up and dance. The hype will die, the mere-exposure effect will run its course and the clone masses will either jump on the next bandwagon or go back to listening to the brilliant works Daft Punk have released in the past. Being announced a little over a month before its release, R.

Not enough of this album delivers on the promise of [lead single] “One More Time. The bases of disco can be repeated again and again, as in Finally, Daft Punk has made him do. I found this soo boring to try to listen to. Whilst it feels slightly disjointed I still think it flows well, although, whilst I do love the song, I wish that the track has electronic drums on it because I just feel that it would have given the song more substance because they actually seem a bit weak to me on this song. But it’s Daft Punk, and it had over five star reviews on iTunes even before it was heard, so it’s a crowd that refuses to acknowledge the emporer has no clothes. By Metascore By user score.

At first I thought R. Who would think of a sequence for Simply the best!

Alive 2007

By no means a bad album. It’s more than overrated, it has its moments but most of the time it just sounds like something Pharrel Williams could do by himself and in that case I’m pretty sure there wouldn’t be puno hype for the album like thisat some points I could hear Justice instead of Daft Punk. Each and every track clearly shows the amount of precision, effort, and confidence put in by Daft Punk and the result is surreal.

Even if you disliked the movie, this soundtrack is one of the best musical backgrounds any movie has had in cinema history and one of the best work Daft Punk has done in their career.


With a spiralling Space Disco synth pattern and a Jazz break in the middle to go back into the pink and then escalate into this epic finale with drums and strings, everything is happening in this song and it never feels crowded.

An amazing blend of dance music and listening music.

daft punk homework metacritic

Every song of this album is a unique piece of art, the joyful and dance-able “One More Time”, “Voyager” with a driving in the sunset feeling or “Aerodynamic” with a face melting guitar solo, this album is art.

Discovery could be considered a main highlight in the early noughties, with “One More Time” being noteworthy as one of the greatest singles of the decade and “Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger” being sampled by Kanye West then remixed into their Alive tour, however, it’s just a work of art in its own right, disregarding Pitchfork and all that praised it in their year-end lists.

Overall, the album may be overhyped in the media and some may not fall for its worldwide charm, but RAM honestly earns all the hype its given and has the charm to make its way into about every listener’s iTunes.

Discovery was amazing, but their newest record just touches so much more layers and combines a multitude of different styles in 13 unique tracks. Lush, interwoven sounds that make me feel really good. Perfectly captures the emotion and tone of childhood and youth, my first experience with Electronic music and I feel unbelievably lucky to have lived through such an amazing piece of Art.

I still love to hear the old albums, and hopefully Daft Punk will find back to their own style and make music like they always did. Whether the listener believes it or not, Discovery postulates that club music can possess depth of sound and be more than a never-ending beat that simply marshals your body along with it.

Daft Punk were the first artists that I got into and I had received much inspiration from them.

daft punk homework metacritic

But, this album is an exception simply because of the amazing energy and pure vivid sound that is emitted, in one of the best live albums of all metarcitic. From what the advertisement and early reviews told me, this album pknk to shake the earth, yomework cracks in the foundations of music, fill the air with the thunder it so lacked, and yet all I observed was a small push at what was meant to be brilliance.


A first play through introduces you to a whole new sound. It’s a six minute crescendo. But you either enjoy it, or you hate it.

But Alive comes pretty darn close. I never understood the dislike for HAA, because those same fans will turn around and go nuts whenever they hear Technologic or Robot Rock.

The results were massive–the myriad “best show ever” kudos deserved. See all 28 Critic Reviews. Twenty – Taking Back Sunday.

Tron: Legacy

Some songs are just so good, the album can’t keep it up for it’s long length of well over an hour. Random Access Memories had no doubt millions pumped into marketing. Beautiful from start to finish and elegantly crafted with excellent attention to detail.

The two tracks featuring Pharrell are brilliant.

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Even Human After All is one of my favorites. The bonus CD encore mashup might be worth it on its own. I think this album is getting a Grammy no matter what and if it doesn’t I call shenanigans Buy it, use it, break it, fix it, trash it, change it, mail, upgrade it Charge it, point it, upnk it, press it, snap it, work it, quick erase Once you get past punl roller-disco-house vibe of the first single, “One More Time,” your ears and booty will twitch just fine to the booming beats and taffy-stretching grooves.