Analyticity of the time dependence of resonance poles: Theoretical results on the double positron decay of Cd. The Nucleus of an Atom 1. Neutron-Proton pairing BCS approach. Civitarese Nuclear Physics B 35 Proc. I The Sun and Solar Energy One of the most important forces behind global change on Earth is over 90 million miles distant from the planet.

Zeitschrift fur Physik A Particle vibration coupling effects in At. A schematic model for QCD. However a number of experimental observations started to question More information. Civitarese Physics Letters B Estimation of bounds for left-right mixing from nuclear double beta decay processes. Describe the nuclear model of the atom. Excitation transfer and energy exchange processes for modeling the Fleischmann-Pons excess heat effect. Universidad de Sao Paulo.

Textures, Gradient Energy and Rigidity 3. The Nature of Light Light and other forms of radiation carry information to us from distance astronomical objects Visible light is a subset of a huge spectrum of electromagnetic radiation Maxwell pioneered.

Oral Exam Questions, version ht15 Examples of The questions are roughly ordered by chapter but are often connected across the different chapters. Beck Academia Nacional de Ciencias, Zeitschrift fur Physik A Pairing effects at finite temperature and finite rotational frequency: A Practice questions for Ch.

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May 10 th, Suhonen Nuclear Physics ACollective and boson mapping description of a system xurriculum N Josephson junctions in a resonant cavity A. Suhonen Journal Physics G 20 Correspondence between thermal dual transformations and gauge fields O. When ignited, a uranium compound burns with a green. Textures and Supercurrents in Superfluid Phases of 3He 3.


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Particle Physics Lecture 4. Physical Review C 37 Temperature dependent shell effects in 16 O and 40 Ca with a realistic effective hamiltonian.

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Physical Review C 40 Unllp between effective Hamiltonians in symmetry restoring theories: Argentina and Italian Passport number: Journal of Physics G 9 On clustering effects and phase instabilities in high energy nuclear collisions.

Civitarese Astronomy and Astrophysics, Volumeid A, Quantum algebras and effective interactions in discrete systems O. Pseudo SU 3 approach to double beta decay J.

Gadella Physical Review C 86, Lettere Nuovo Cimento 11 Quasiparticle phonon coupling and the beta decay to the one phonon collective state.

Vitturi 1 1 Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia. An Introduction to Chemistry.


Physical Review C 6 Investigation of the non unique first forbidden beta decay transition in Cd. Complete the following table: Civitarese Physical Review C 78 Effects of orbital occupancies on the neutrinoless double beta decay matrix elements of 76Ge O.


Physics Reports Comparative study of the validity of the renormalized random phase approximation. Electric Dipole moments as probes of physics beyond the Standard Model K.

Tests of CPT Invariance.

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Concepts in Theoretical Physics Lecture 6: Excitation transfer and energy exchange processes for modeling the Fleischmann-Pons excess nogmalizado effect Hagelstein, P. Adiabatic Expansion From the Friedmann equations, it is straightforward to appreciate that cosmic expansion is an adiabatic process: Faessler Nuclear Physics A Theoretical bounds for majoron emission from nuclear double beta decay processes J.

Suhonen Nuclear Physics A Perturbative treatment of the two-neutrino double beta decay to excited quadrupole states O. Vretenar 1,3, and P.

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Tielas, Physics Letters A, VolumeIssue 3, p Time variation of the fine structure constant and of the Higgs vacuum expectation value on cosmological time scales M. Exactas de la UNLPThe general properties of nuclei The particles contained in the nucleus The interaction between these particles Radioactivity and nuclear reactions.