In Yahtzee fashion, you can reroll any number of dice twice. Notify me of new posts via email. We can knock out a game of Viticulture or two in an hour or if we really want to chuck dice, we can play Fuse six times in the time it takes to knock out CV. I really need to give credit to Piotr Socha as their work breathes life into the game. Thinking of applying for the jobs here at Sugar? CV comes with 87 cards 12 childhood, 26 early adulthood, 20 middle age, 17 old age, 8 life goal, and 4 reference cards ; a board; 7 dice; 49 tokens; a scorepad; and a pencil.

There are other goal s available that are shared between players as well. What if your CV is made by people who have been screening CVs for a decade? You are commenting using your Facebook account. Event cards are added to your hand. I enjoy this game, I like the life goals making the winner unknown until you score at the end.

viitae Will you have a mansion, retire early and become the toast of society? I know why the box is as large as it is: Tokens can be used to buy cards. The box however, I have something to say about that. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam.

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The player with the most points wins. I also curricupum that the Yahtzee mechanic is too light for a game that tackles the theme of life. Write to us on Sudhanshu associates. The opposite is also true where cards can remove dice from your hand so plan accordingly. At the start of vktae game, the early adulthood, middle age, and old age decks are placed on the board, with the top 5 early adulthood cards revealed.


In Yahtzee fashion, you can reroll any number of dice twice.

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This feels similar to a Betrayal at House on the Hill where the experience is rewarding and fun as you get into your role but unlike Betrayal, there is some actual gameplay involved.

CV got to the table today.

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I do want to make note that the artwork is predominantly white individuals, if that is a concern for anyone. If three bad luck symbols are rolled on a players turn, they will lose one active card.

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Here’s a candidate who set the standard high: The game involves zero player interaction. You win by having a more successful and fulfilling life. View all posts by Two off the Top.

curriculum vitae bgg

Of course you will! Nothing wrong with that.

If games were quicker, maybe twenty to thirty minutes, I think this would see the table much more often. After the initial roll, players furriculum set aside the dice they want to keep and reroll the dice they want to discard. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Swipe across to see my actual life goals.


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The costs and rewards from the cards tie in thematically and most importantly, make sense. This is a game that will probably be impossible to judge without playing it. Each die has six symbols — health, knowledge, relationship, money, good luck, and bad luck. The game is for players and takes an hour to play.

The replayability of this game is sadly quite low. CV is primarily a dice rolling game with set collection sprinkled about. You are commenting using your Viate account. Come te la cavi con gli indovinelli? Nice artwork and interesting theme – good game if you’re looking for a light game for two to four players.