They also undertake a major project that occupies about half of the total time throughout the year. Reports handed in more than 7 days late will not be accepted. Sequential logic, memory and counting. Approximately two 2h laboratory experiments per week covering all subjects, plus: Take accurate patient history, Include. Mechanics, structures, materials, fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, electrical engineering, electronics, information, control, mathematics. Integrated design project Students work in teams of six to design, build and test a mobile robot vehicle as an integrated design project IDP.

Each student will be assessed by the following three components of coursework: Prompt attendance required until 4th exercise has been marked. Also, your degree certificate will not state the subject s that you have studied: Each team member is individually responsible for a particular sub-system, e. Experiments Computing Integrated coursework Integrated design project.

Computing and microprocessors The Michaelmas Term part of the course involves 12 activities for self-study, and each activity has exercises to be completed. Reports handed in more than 7 days late will not be accepted.

cued integrated coursework

Supervisions should be timetabled to avoid afternoon lab sessions. The Michaelmas Term part of the course involves 12 activities for self-study, and each activity has exercises to be completed. Experiments Computing Integrated coursework Integrated design project. Embedded Systems for the…17 Oct Timing and Structure.

Modules may include coursework. Students working with sound focused into high and low readers, based on their knowledge of the students’ coursework. Assessment is by the quality of the tested product, the quality of the drawings and the individual reports.


Assessment is through a poster on a topic selected by the student, prepared over the Christmas vacation and submitted in electronic format at the start of the Lent term. The exercise is open-ended and fun, giving an immediate awareness of the integrated nature of real-world engineering, involving software, mechanical and electrical components, teamwork, and communication skills. Coursework instructions will be given during the lecture course.

Approximately two 2h intsgrated experiments per week covering all subjects, plus: Students’ assimilation of the lecture material and their reading ccued the subject is assessed through a report.

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Finite volume discretisation, evaluation of fluxes. Mich calendars – new 28 Sep Known to work with google calendar, assumed to work with iCalendar and live calendar. Introduction The undergraduate engineering course is organised in four parts, each taking a year.

cued integrated coursework

Associated paper Experiment number and title Long or short Integrated coursework: Renewable Electrical Power…28 Jul Aims. For further details see the IDP website. Computational Fluid Dynamics…31 May Coursework with integrated lectures. Four 3h examination papers, no choice of questions.

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Various tasks, typical of those faced by the automated guided vehicles used in modern manufacturing plants, are set for the vehicles. Engineer in society, principles of design, product design project and dimensional analysis Eight lectures are given on the role of the engineer in societyin which the wider issues that influence technical decision making are discussed.

Work submitted for marking must be imtegrated of the student who submits it, as defined in the plagiarism, cooperating and cheating guidelines.


To develop an awareness of the safety of the individual and the group through the safe and careful operation of potentially hazardous equipment.

Individual final report, 15, A small number of students may spend their third year on one of the student exchanges. All students undertake 20 experiments, as listed below. Some experiments are ‘short’.

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Most of the equipment required for the practical drawing sessions is provided. Hard copies of handouts will be available in each laboratory.

cued integrated coursework

Instead, they may decide to change department to read Computer Science, Management Studies or indeed any other subject for which they are qualified. The Lego lab handout issued at the introductory lecture includes instructions on how to sign on to Moodle. Course structure diagram Assessmentprogression requirements and industrial experience Part IA and IB coursedork sit Tripos examinations at the end of the Easter term.

Students must satisfactorily complete every activity in order to obtain the full qualifying mark. The principles of dimensional analysis are covered in four ched at the start of term followed by two experiments and questions may be set on this topic in the Part IA examinations.