University of Pittsburgh Press. The CSU English Placement Test EPT is designed to assess the level of reading and writing skills of entering undergraduate students so that they can be placed in appropriate courses. Skip to main content. Journal of Educational Measurement, 8 2 , To begin to answer questions about racial formations and the effects of such formations, we first want to look at the consistency of the scores across racial groups in the two data sets. The first year writing program and its assessment at California State University, Fresno.

Those undergraduate students who do not demonstrate college-level skills will be directed to courses or programs designed to help them attain these skills. Legal and ethical issues. Doug Baldwin and Peter Elbow both wrestle with the notion of fairness in this volume. In Chapter 17 Peter Elbow argues that fairness is a matter of degree and that multidimensional assessment or contextualized assessment can be more fair than assessments in which a single score is assigned as though that score represents some objective reality. The EPT total range score is to

American Council on Education and Praeger. In doing racial validation studies, eessay, the challenge is to use racial cat- egories that are locally meaningful. Mapping race, class and gender—a synthesis of research evidence Report HMI It should be noted that ineach student received two scores for the same essay, which were then added together. University of Minneapolis Press.

English Placement Test (EPT)

Could this simple difference in the racial identification of student populations account for the lower average scores at CSUF in ? If this were the only way these data were to be considered, we prkmpts it is a raceless way to handle the data, which would allow us to perhaps assume that CSUF students perform at lower levels of writing ability than their CSU counterparts.


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Should the EPT be redesigned to accommodate prom;ts local conditions? Our goal is to understand how comparisons may be made in data sets from similar contexts at two points in time yet may offer very dif- ferent conclusions when we explore who comprises racial groups at those different points in time.

The technology of writing assessment and racial validity. Sex, language, and ethnic groups.

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Self-assessment as programmatic center: Consequently, when race is not represented in the data on the EPT essay scores, the results look consistent. In writing about the City College learning environment, Sternglass explains, That students in my study from the wide diversity of backgrounds felt comfortable and free enough to explore issues of race, gender and sexu- al orientation, and social class in their writing is a credit to the environ- ment created in many City College classrooms, where the proportion of minority instructors is greater than at many other City University or nationwide campuses.

Race, representation, and writing assessment: However, because all mean scores are slightly below 4, a spe- cialist reading in the norming and scoring of essays may be required, a prac- tice described by Elliot, Plata, and Zelhart We could question if time and changes in disciplinary assumptions and classroom practices would affect the way teachers read rubrics in order to rate EPT essays in Students may take the EPT only once.

At this point, we consider these two theoretical positions incom- mensurable.

csu ept essay prompts

But this does not account for the writing construct of the test itself. The test is not a condition for admission to the CSU, but it is a condition of enrollment. University of Pittsburgh Press. Beyond White and Thomas, other researchers have documented csj local context, race, and writing assess- ment are deeply interdependent.


At each of these three stages, the writing construct is reconceptualized and may be more so for particular racial groups. Racial minorities and writing skills assessment in the California State University and Colleges.

As the data began to accumulate from the first year of the EPT [AY ], I realized that we had a unique opportunity to merge three different databases: White was correct about the kind of evidence he and Thomas could produce, but it is the second focus, the one concerning the way a writing proficiency test, in this case, a test used to place students in First Year Writing FYW courses in the CSU system of campuses, performs differently for various racial formations that is still compelling for our analysis 30 years later.

Since the promptts, the U. The test consists of a minute essay portion and a prrompts multiple-choice portion and is given three times a year on CSU campuses.

EPT – English Placement Test

University Press of Hawaii. You may select up to four.

Remember me on this computer. Writing from these roots: A program development handbook for the holistic assessment of writing. Journal of Educational Measurement, 8 2

csu ept essay prompts