Equivalent with MACS, I, II Design and evaluation of information storage and retrieval systems, including defining and building a database and producing the necessary queries for access to the stored information. Natural Deduction examples Sep This course surveys techniques involved in creating computer systems that engage in intelligent human-like behavior. Refer to these presentation slides and this user guide. You must take the exam with your official lecture section. By the end of the course students must have a finished product with appropriate documentation.

Introduction to analysis of algorithms: While Python is an easy language for beginner programmers to learn, it is a language that is widely used in many scientific areas e. Page generated However, when homework is assigned, the due date will be indicated, and it is not flexible. This includes the possibility of failing the course or being expelled from the University. System security, maintenance, recovery and definition. Specifically, this course will cover various computer architecture aspects related to MIPS ISA, single-cycle data-path design, multiple-cycle design, pipelining, memory hierarchy, and multiprocessor architecture.

Cooperative Education credit does not count toward graduation except under special conditions. Algorithms on unweighted graphs traversals and weighted graphs minimum spanning trees, shortest paths, network flows and bipartite matching ; NP-completeness and its consequences. With the advances in computational, communication, and sensing capabilities, large scale sensor-based distributed environments are becoming a reality.

This course provides an overview of the field of Artificial Intelligence.

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Equivalent with CSCII An introduction to fundamental concepts of game theory with a focus on the applications in networks. Send Page to Printer. Exceptions will be handled case by case and will only be considered under a university-approved condition with written proof.


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The instructor will make the final decision. The marks are on WebCT.

csci 303 homework 2

In particular, the course will cover global illumination, GPU programming, and virtual and augmented reality. The following aspects of cryptography will be covered: The main focus of this course is on techniques applicable to spatial data such as scalar, vector and tensor fields. homewogk

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CSCI or equivalent. Download and Install V4.

csci 303 homework 2

Introduction to operating systems. Lower bounds on sorting Reading: At the conclusion of the course homewrok should feel confident that they can design and develop dynamic Web applications on their own. Equivalent with MATHI Students will draw upon current research results to design, implement and analyze their own computer security or other related cryptography projects.

While Python is an easy language for beginner programmers to learn, it is a language that is widely used in many scientific areas e.

Prerequisites and Course Description Prerequisite s: If you anticipate any difficulty turning in your homework on time, let your professor know at the time when it is assigned. Topics include machine level instructions and operating system calls used to write programs in assembly language, computer arithmetics, performance, processor design, and pipelining techniques. Introduction to algorithm analysis, with emphasis on sorting and search routines. Topics include global illumination, GPU programming, geometry acquisition and processing, point based graphics and non-photorealistic rendering.

Runtime performance will be evaluated to create optimized real-time graphics applications. If you have questions about how to approach the problem, or get stuck working on your solution, you should talk to the professor or TA. Professor Michael Mozer mozer cs. Vijaykrishnan, and other instructors and TAs at Penn State, towards developing the course material over a period of time. Homeworj course covers the classification of parallel computers, shared memory versus distributed memory machines, software issues, and hardware issues in parallel computing.


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Variable class and semester hours. I suggest that you attend lecture and then attempt to read the corresponding material in the text, because the more mathematical sections of the text are challenging, and I’ll present the highlights of the text which should help in understanding the details when you read the text.

The cumulative final will be held during the normal two-hour homewlrk exam slot. Some homeworks will also have simulation-based component.


Topics include the mobile application lifecycle, user interface components and layouts, storing persistent data, accessing network resources, using location and sensor APIs including GPS and accelerometer, starting and stopping system services, and threading. Access to a computer with remote access to a lab machine is necessary. Homewokr Kadam Personal Website Office hours: