CS 61B Data Structures. We have provided a starter file for the questions below. The Python implementation of this procedure is provided for your reference. Despite the doctests above, this function actually does not do the same thing as an if statement in all cases. Look at the solution for the homework version of this problem – it is attached to the back of the exam 2. There should be no repeated elements in the return value.

The Python implementation of this procedure is provided for your reference. Mid-semester Survey is no longer accepting responses. Try contacting the owner of the form if you think this is a mistake. If no clause has a true predicate, the result is an “unspecified value”. When you are done, submit with python3 ok –submit. Paper submissions should be placed. I am taking CS61A next spring and want to be extra prepared It raised and spent I should be doing my 61A homework after getting owned on the midterm.

So, we can take the max of the sum of squares of all pairs. Check that you have successfully submitted your code on okpy.

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Define intersectwhich returns a set containing only values that appear in both sets s and t. In Scheme, all values except the special boolean value f homeeork interpreted as true values unlike Python. Conditional expressions are evaluated as follows.


However, before calculating this product, we must wait for the call to fact 4.

cs61a homework 8

Implement a procedure called ordered? We choose the operator add or sub based on the sign of b. Implement the exp procedure using tail cs661a. Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs Decide which of version 1 or 2 has better composition: The following few questions explore this idea, assuming a “set” is a Scheme list with no repeated elements that is already ordered from least to greatest.

CS 61A Data Science. We make a new frame for the call, and in carrying out the body of homewor, function, we hit the recursive case, where we want to multiply 5 by the return value of the call to fact 4.

We homeworkk that in Python we can do this with a while loop:. You might find the following references useful: Using conddefine a procedure sign that returns -1 for negative arguments, 0 for zero, and 1 for positive arguments:.

cs61a homework 8

This homework must be submitted online and on paper. We have provided a hw8. Scheme Specification Scheme Primitives Reference 2. Use only a single line for the body of the function. The Structure and CS You may submit more than once before the deadline; only the homewor submission will be scored. There should be no repeated elements in the return value. The general form of a conditional expression is:.


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Implement a procedure called ordered? We have provided a hw5. Add Define addwhich takes a set s and a value v as arguments. In such cases, the list will print with a dot before the final item to indicate that its last two items are contained in a single pair. A Python implementation of this procedure is provided for your reference.

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Homework, or a homework assignment, is a set of tasks assigned to students by their teachers to be completed outside the class. The max function can take an arbitrary number of arguments. You will notice that it will case a maximum recursion depth error.

See Lab 0 for more instructions on submitting assignments. Your implementation should run in linear time in the length of the input sets. All problems in this homework can be solved. This is not standard.