Collected the answered instrument; 7. And a few of parameters in knowing whether a school is still effective in delivering quality education to its students are the performance of its graduate in the professional board examinations, the graduates employments status and the income level of new graduates. Yet not all college graduates secure high level jobs. Education is the key towards progress as it hastens power to liberate citizens from the grips of illiteracy, ignorance and poverty. Salaries and benefits are the main reason why graduates stay in the job even if it is irrelevant to the course;

Criminology program, from their responses, pursuits of a law enforcement career in the Philippine National Police stood out as the most frequent answer at 51 or Graduate survey provides rich experience about the whereabouts of graduates, which might broaden perspectives among administrators, scholars and students. Salaries and benefits are the main reason why graduates stay in the job even if it is irrelevant to the course; Current students view the purpose of university education as a step to career preparation. Minor revisions were done to the original questionnaire to meet, the objectives of the present study. In accidental sampling, there is no system of selection.

Aware of this condition, the government, as well as educational institutions, is doing its role so as to alleviate employment problems. E-mail Back to log-in. It shows that about half are Tagalog thereby ranking first at a frequency of 33 or Scope and Delimitation of the Study This study was delimited to the following: Specifically, this graduate tracer study sought answers to the following questions: These two government agencies are tasked to oversee the performance of educational institutions in the country.

In accidental sampling, there is no system of selection.


Ranking first are non-commissioned officers at a frequency of 22 or The researchers had the pre-test of the questionnaires by administering the instruments to the selected group of respondents to determine the administrability, appropriateness of language used, clarity of items, right direction and constructions.

I agree to the Terms. Salaries and benefits got the highest rank on why respondents stop in their present job; Ii this regard, there is a mismatch between the educational preparedness of the graduates and the demands of employment in this respect.

The broader community must join forces with the education system. Note that here were no transferees among the respondents hence no table depicting its distribution is offered. A small number were academic scholars.

criminology thesis pccr

Out ofor It refers to the position of skills crominology knowledge that allow individuals to be employed in an occupation, or the fitness or availability for employment Barnhart and Barnhart, Hoyt says that employment, unemployment and underemployment have gained serious implications for educators.

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As to their tenure at PCCR, most were regular students mainly attending morning and afternoon sessions. While many are not pursuing another degree program, the small minority that are, are pursuing advance degrees primarily for professional development reasons in related course of study such as Master of Science in Criminal Justice and Bachelor of Laws.

Refers to whether an employee is holding a permanent, temporary, provisional, contractual or casual position.

criminology thesis pccr

It shows that most were born in the NCR region based on a frequency of 30 or It refers to the third-stage or third level education, is the educational level following the completion of a school providing a secondary education such as a thesks school or secondary school. Allen presented two contending theories about the role of advance education in the evolving world of economy.


The basic strategy for bringing this about is to reallocate current education resources.

Criminology Thesis: Graduate Tracer Study: PCCR Graduates

It exerts less pressure on the respondents to provide immediate response. A significant majority of the respondents at a frequency of 59 or As to suggestions on how to further improve the PCCR BS Criminology curriculum, the respondents ranked the need for a mandatory requirement of all students to undergo out of school on-the-job training in Criminalistics and other major subjects as their top suggestion citing Criminal Investigation as their top subject of choice. To God the father of all, for the strength that keep the researchers standing and for the hope that keep them believing that this affiliation would be possible and more interesting.

Figure 1 shows the map of NCR where selected respondents of Philippine College of Criminology graduates are residing, which composes of various cities, namely: Collected the answered instrument; 7.

Strong work ethic is highly developed among graduates in terms of values Findings revealed the five most common problems in obtaining employment: In other words, the Philippine school system is failing to prepare and train students to acquire employability skills that employers expect of workers and which they, the employers, expect the development thereof through education. From these, 31 or