It was a different way of looking at the same old all-consuming problems, and opened the doors to exploring things more playfully. This book walks you through all the thinking behind a business plan but has you work through the issues and the planning by making collages, filling out whimsical “play sheets” the opposite of “work sheets” and generally turning all the analytical stuff on it’s head in favor of a more intuitive, exploratory approach. Oct 18, M. Some people who, you know, have the book and just, you know, want to have a place to work on it with other people, and then some folks are like, you know, I just heard of this, and then they have … for the Right-Brain Business Plan course, they do need the book to go through it, so you know, they get the book through us or through Amazon. Wear your Right-Brain Entrepreneur Badge of Honor proudly on your blog and encourage other right-brain entrepreneurs to get their free downloadable poster too. This book is for creative individuals who need help in creating a plan for themselves as business owners or entrepreneurs.

Doing so can be extremely intimidating. This video is queuequeuewatch next video is right brain business plan with jennifer lee cribe from creativelive? How do you wrap your head around that? To journal, reflect, make lists and imagine your own future, much like a self-help book. This book is for creative individuals who need help in creating a plan for themselves as business owners or entrepreneurs. For best results, please make sure your browser is accepting the characters you see in this image: Dec 06, Nevada McPherson rated it it was amazing.

The Right-Brain Business Plan: A Creative, Visual Map for Success

If you are stuck it works! It’s an imaginative way to visually map out your business so you can ribht-brain what you need to do. Sign up to access thousands of free lessons taught by industry greats. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Good for right-brainers and those people straddling the divide.


The right brain business plan

Everyone who owns a business realize that they need to create a business plan. Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. You starting out and looking for a way to turn your dream into a profitable business? You need to be very clear about your business: I love the beautiful cover, and inside you get a lot of photos, illustrations by Kate Prentiss and nine illustrated play sheets in full-color.

creativelive - the right-brain business plan with jennifer lee (2013)

Dec 02, Evelyn rated it it was amazing. I actually find it perversely entertaining to fidget with spreadsheets and try to divine the logic of left-brain things — though it certainly isn’t my natural aptitude compared to wacky, messy, artsy-fartsy stuff.

This the second book is about how a creative person such as you and me, a right-brainer, should work visually to get clarity for a successful business.

Along with very hands-on tips you are also invited to explore your feelings. To me the happiness part is more important than the money-making, but if they align — hurray!

creativelive - the right-brain business plan with jennifer lee (2013)

I love books like this, but I also have a hard time using them. Look no further than this book, which combines solid business expertise with a right-brain perspective that inspires creativity and innovation. But turning their vision into a viable business plan can feel like trying to fit a square peg into a round hole. While watching it one night I actually made my own collaged business plan and had a lot of fun. So I added in bookmarks on every second page, and I hope to get back to the exercises this summer, when I have more time.

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Especially, for creatives who get lost in the process of trying to make their business work. Millions of artists, entrepreneurs, crafters, and solopreneurs dream of making a living doing what they love. Reading the right-brain business plan on your kindle in under a ‘t have a kindle? The right brain business plan Coaching with right-brain business plan home t development home your biz bundle home a licensed facilitator near a licensed facilitator and lead workshops!


Let me get it off my shelf.

After spending 10 years climbing the corporate ladder and getting tired of living her dream “on-the-side,” she took the leap to pursue her passions full-time. Make your own Book: D love the opportunity to work together and help you grow the creative business of your dreams! If spreadsheets creativelivd you hives I kind of dig creating a good spreadsheet and you’re building a business, I’d recommend this book.

Good things happen if you decide to open space for other ways of thinking and being in the world.

Building your business the Right-Brain Way | Book Review

Click on image to download high-res versions. So can you give us kind of a rundown of all the different ways that your business is currently generating revenue? I personally tend to think in words, so I actually enjoyed creating a more traditional business plan and found this creative approach more challenging.

If you’re afraid of the words money and budget you probably shouldn’t start a business.

creativelive - the right-brain business plan with jennifer lee (2013)

Whether that be through my two books, our home study programs, or coaching together 1: Back Work With Us Download your free gift!