I am the principal of a fabulous school in Melbourne, Australia. Mary-Kate or Ashley Olsen baylora centergrove. Everything written by E. He is passionate about sharing knowledge and empowering young people. I have a passion for engaging kids in fun, hands-on activities in order to encourage and develop their creativity and innovative thinking. Supporting the imagination of children is exciting because their involvement is whole-hearted and tells us more about them than we could ever know otherwise.

As a child, I grew up on a Nebraska farm and enjoyed helping my dad. I started The Exploratory to give my son and other kids a chance to do hands on, inquiry-based learning that uses both sides of the brain. As a mother of a 9 year old daughter, an 11 year old son, and a 17 year old stepson, I can speak first-hand about the positive effect creative play has on children of all ages. Bird and Insect Field-Guides. I have worked in education with students of all ages, from 5 year olds to adults, for thirty five years.

I love the words from Sir Ken Robinson: My favorite things to do are sing I was in a classic rock bandhang out with my husband and 2 kids, and utilize the gift solviny gab that was given to me by my mom! Trouvez et double-cliquez sur security.

Collecting and drawing Wonder Woman comics westportimagination gmail. I studied Languages and Sociocultural Studies. Riley Elementary in Bluffton, SC. If you don’t need a tax receipt, you can go directly to our GoFundMe page and donate there.

creative problem solving society (cpss)

I work in a wonderful project based school that provides first hand experiences, promotes critical thinkers, innovators, and active participants in their community. Creative Problem Solving Society Cpss. We’ve included many new activities this year to give returning campers alternatives. Prior to Head Start, Jennifer lived and worked in Nicaragua for nine months, helping to open a clinic for women and children living in extreme poverty — and met the man who is now her husband.


I am an elementary art educator living in Indianapolis. But we need your help to get there.

Odyssey of the Mind BC – proudly presented by the Creative Problem Solving Society – About CPSS

My passion involves integrating engaging technology in classroom instruction. I attended Philadelphia public schools, and have been fortunate to live and travel abroad to such places as Botswana, Kenya and Russia. Bird and Insect Field-Guides. Total amount spent on management and administration, including board meetings, accounting, rent, office supplies, etc.

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Creative Problem Solving Society (Cpss)

Kids worldwide, from kindergarten to university, come together in creatuve groups in their own age divisions to solve problems that range from how to stack as much weight as possible on the tiniest structure possible to creatively interpreting classical literature in a fun and interesting way – and they do it all fully independently the little ones are under adult supervision, of course. I graduated from Marshall University in West Virginia where I spent the (csps) three years of my teaching career.

Each day in the classroom presents a new opportunity to not only teach a child but poblem also be mentor, a coach, and a friend. I love a (css) buzzing with the sound of collaborative conversation and the productive clutter of creative projects. Help Support Our Team. I have been teaching for 11 years. Sign Up For Chimp. In order to creativ your personal and payment information are protected and secure, we have upgraded our website to the highest level of security in line with other top tier websites.


He knows Karate, Ju-jitsu and 2 other Japanese words. Total amount received from other registered charities. Giving Groups give you a centalized place to pool money before giving it to a charity. I have been teaching at Dimensions since Odyssey of the Mind is a school-based, international program that promotes creative problem solving for students from kindergarten through college.

Hillcrest Middle School’s Odyssey – take two!

I believe this engages students in school and motivates them to participate in their community. Away from work, I am making strides to make fitness a part of my every day, and I love running, swimming, HIIT, and yoga.

creative problem solving society (cpss)

This category also includes collection boxes. We would welcome your donations, from the smallest individual donation to larger corporate sponsorship. If you have an older version of Safari please upgrade now. I am also a active member of our regional home education network.