Ability to communicate effectively, both orally and in writing, and convey technical terms and information to the general public. Criteria for acceptance by the AJCN include originality, validity of data, clarity of writing, strength of the conclusions, and potential importance of the work to the field of clinical nutrition. Effects of exercise on riboflavin requirements: Introduction Clearly state the purpose of the article. Files at publication size must conform to the minimum-resolution specifications listed in the figure below.

They must be double-spaced, include line numbers, should include a title page, should have no more than 10 references, and should not exceed words. To complete your application for this position a cover letter is required. If authors must use a name that does not have standing in nomenclature, the name should be enclosed in quotation marks in the title, when appropriate, and at its first use in the abstract and the text. Report the numbers of observations. Letters to the Editor that refer to a recent AJCN original research article must be received within 12 weeks of the article’s publication. Authors of accepted original research manuscripts can choose to pay an Open Access fee to allow their articles to become freely accessible on the journal website immediately upon publication.

Figures Cite each figure in consecutive order in the text. Note that Conflicts of Interest should be included after the Acknowledgement section.

Instructions to Authors

We will address your question promptly and help you finish the submission process. Temperatures should be reported in degrees Celsius. The Journal AJCN expects authors to deposit microbial strains used in any study to be published in publicly accessible culture collections, for example the American Type Culture Collection ATCC and to refer to the collections and strain numbers in the text e.

Summarize the rationale and background for the study or observation, giving only strictly pertinent references. The AJCN does not generally print letters to the editor based on opinion pieces such as editorials, perspectives, commentaries, and the like, since these are clearly the opinions of the authors.


In addition to meeting the standard requirements for submitted manuscripts e. Authors are responsible for obtaining written permission from cove acknowledged by name and for providing to the Editor a copy of the permission, if requested.

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Professional writing sample in addition to your cover letter. Files must conform to the minimum-resolution specifications listed below see Image resolution.

Program Coordinator I (Disability Employment Program Manager I PCN 06-0538)

Nutrition and your health: Open Access fees are charged in addition to other author charges page charges, color reproduction charges, author alteration charges, and charges for reprint orders. Attaching a resume is not an alternative to filling out the application in its entirety.

The lettet pool acquired during this recruitment may be used for future vacancies for up to ninety 90 days after this recruitment closes.

cover letter ajcn

Failure to submit a complete application may lead to a determination your application is incomplete and removal from consideration for this job opening.

Tables must be included in the text file, and each table should begin on a new page. With assistance from the Council Research Analyst, analyze program performance on an ongoing basis, assist the ESD with establishing formal evaluation methodology. Reply to letter by Cunningham Harry M Shizgal. Authors need to state on the title page of the manuscript one of the following: When data are summarized in the Results section, specify the statistical methods used to analyze them.

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Identify on the title page the author who will be responsible for correspondence regarding the manuscript. Give references for established methods, including statistical methods; provide references and brief descriptions of methods that have been published but are not well known; and describe new or substantially lftter methods, giving reasons for using them and evaluating their limitations.

Each manuscript should not exceed 15 text pages, exclusive of tables, figures, and references; must adhere to AJCN style and format; and will be reviewed according to the same scientific standards used to evaluate original research articles. Authors are responsible for ensuring that their terminology conforms with these policies. If the footnote to the table title contains multiple items, the definitions of the abbreviations should be the last item.


The Editor reserves the right to covver a copy of the Institutional Review Board approval documents, data, or statistical analyses files upon which the paper is based.

cover letter ajcn

As recommended by the Council of Science Editors, when a coauthor dies or is incapacitated during the writing, submission, or peer review process, coauthors should obtain disclosure and copyright documentation from a familial or legal proxy.

Except for documents in the public domain, permission is required from the copyright holder, regardless of authorship or publisher.

Terms that are fundamental to your manuscript but are not included in your manuscript title or abstract are especially important to include to increase discoverability by indexing services such as PubMed.

Subjects or Materials and Methods Describe clearly your selection of the experimental and control subjects and provide eligibility and exclusion criteria and details of randomization.

The State of Alaska is an equal opportunity employer. Acknowledgments 1 Acknowledge only persons who have made substantive contributions to the study. Additional charges are assessed for color figures. Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Cite each figure in consecutive order in the text. Although not all manuscripts will necessarily include all descriptors, all manuscripts, including reviews, must indicate who is responsible for design, writing, and final content.