Be positive in your evaluation of existing literature. Number footnotes consecutively throughout the article, not page by page. Only cited works may be included in the reference list. Contribution of your work: Run equations into text if at all possible rather than displaying.

Oxford University Press is a department of the University of Oxford. Each author of a manuscript is required to submit a disclosure statement describing the sources of financial support the author has received. In order to preserve the double-blind review system, the disclosure statement will not be available to referees. The AJAE posts supplementary appendix material for published articles on the Oxford University Press OUP website with the links to the supplementary material appearing adjacent to the link for the article to make availability to readers convenient and reliable. Double-space all material and omit vertical rules in tables. Math Typesetting Use standard type to the maximum extent possible for example, use Symbol font for Greek characters in simple notation. Oxford Open articles are published under Creative Commons licenses.

If you wish to download it, please recommend it to your friends aja any social system. Spend any time trying to influence who your reviewers will be.

It is understood that in cases where the data are proprietary or confidential authors cannot fully satisfy this policy. Do not number sections or subsections.

Please refer to the instructions in the “Welcome to Oxford Journals” email. Table and figure titles should be fully descriptive, flush left, and bold. Please note that the journal now encourages authors to covsr their copyright license to publish form online.


Write nasty emails to the editor asking why they are so incompetent.

Author Guidelines

There are many kinds of writing that originates from academia. Components of a referee report Summary of the paper Overall evaluation Comments about content Comments about. If the applicability of point a is unclear, the author s must provide an explanation in the cover letter. For text citations listing more than one source, separate sources by a letyer Refrain from use of embellished letters dots, bars, tildes, carets.

Use appendices for supplementary text, tables, figures, or proofs in order to keep the manuscript concise. Text Preparation Double-space all material – including footnotes, references, and tables. Submit too many papers to the same journal. Each author of a manuscript is required to submit a disclosure statement describing the sources of financial support the author has received.

Documentation anae Research Involving Human Subjects For all submitted manuscripts involving human subjects research conducted by one or more of the authors, the authors must communicate the following to the editors before the manuscript auae be reviewed. The working paper version should NOT be updated after acceptance by the Journal. Communicate your contribution effectively. Published by David Lynch Modified over 3 years ago.

The submitted files will be accessible sjae clickable links to the online version of the published paper.

Only cited works covef be included in the reference list. Use lower case English letters to attach footnotes to specific items within the table, and place the footnotes below the bottom line of the table in un-indented paragraph form. Provide issue number whenever possible and always for journals that do not number pages sequentially through complete volumes e. For figure legend, capitalize only the first letter of the first word together with proper nouns and adjectives.


Publication Process Submitting and peer review.

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The handling editor may return manuscripts in which the deception is deemed unwarranted or excessive given the research justification, even if the protocol was approved by all appropriate Institutional Review Boards. When formatted accordingly to these guidelines the main text excluding title page, abstract and references should be no more than 30 lette in length.

John Loomis, Professor Dept. Experimental Evidence from Northern Uganda.

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Provide short headings for each section and subsection. The open access charges applicable are: All other authors publishing in American Journal of Agricultural Economics can use the following Creative Commons licenses for their articles: Place legends for figures at the bottom of the figure. Number footnotes consecutively throughout the article, not page by page. aje

cover letter ajae