Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here On top of all, I also wish to get involved in a development quality information system and BigData mining in healthcare to improve life quality for my country citizens. Chevening Scholarship Personal Statement Sample. I know how it hard to write essay because I wrote for a month. After three months or so, the secretariat will contact you through the British Embassy in Jakarta on whether your application is successful to enter the interview process. From a banker to be a diver:

You are commenting using your Google account. If I become a Chevening scholar it would be my priority to meet with other alumni in my field to find global solutions that can be applied locally. Cerita Eva Medianti dalam…. Use concrete examples in essays.. As a Chevening awardee I would have a possibility to collaborate with the best Computer and engineering scientists in UK and work on high international level. I have never been afraid to take part in competitions.

I made presentations at the international education fair in Astana. Besides I have copyright on a mobile application. And it’s so depressing! For any government civil servant or state-owned university lecturer, it should be easy to argue as such. DO NOT forget the submission deadline! This application will solve important global task to improve lifestyle and safe lives.

No one can invalidate your dreams as long as you are perfectly clear about The leadership element that this scholarship will afford you to continue to do the work you are already doing The networking opportunities that being a part of the Chevening community will give you to further your dreams and ambitions The way in which the work the UK government perosnal doing in your country is aligned to your proposed field of study and how this will enhance cooperation between the two countries The quantifiable impact that your study will have on groups of people cheveening home this is important because they want you to see the trickle-down effect your studies will have on other people After you have done all you can to write your perfect essays, I strongly suggest showing them to a couple of people especially previous scholars who can proofread your work, offer structural advice and help polish your answers.


Although the number of scholarships given to Indonesian citizens tends to decrease year by year, Indonesia is still one the biggest recipient country of Chevening out of countries all over the world.

I hope I have given you some practical tips to help you prepare for your Chevening application. DO state explicitly the reason s why you particularly want to study in the UK, in the program or course you want to concentrate in. Margaret Skok invited me to study in Canada, but unfortunately I could not accept this offer as I was doing bachelor degree in Kazakhstan. Home help in assignments ideas for comparison essay what are some good topics for research papers proper cover letter greeting Contacts.

Get together some friends, colleagues or family members and rally them to get behind your initiative. This essay is where a lot of people trip up and end up losing out on one of the best opportunities one can ever get. Applicants who do not demonstrate they have the minimum number of hours of work experience cannot be considered for an award.

My Chevening examples – The Higher Education Revolution

You should also discuss how a Chevening award would benefit you and your home country. Your courses have to reflect some continuity with your previous work and studies. Owing to my chevenong skills, I got financing and agreement for facilities utilizing from Korean center and we had organized the event successfully. I had a fantastic opportunity to enhance my skills when I learned the Korean language.

contoh personal statement chevening

Once you have made that initial connection, you need to then speak about why you have chosen each specific course at the specific university. I used the opportunity to rise up my personsl growth to training and my active attitude to life everywhere. I want to be a part of the strong network of young leaders from all over the world to bring solutions for world issues.


Essay on Chevening Scholarships – Part 2: Networking, Engagement, Influence, and Leadership

I would suggest you to aim high. Therefore, it is important to read the application guidelines and Frequently Asked Question FAQ they provide in the website http: Finally, being the kind of leader that Chevening is looking for is not something you can make up on paper, it has to be sincere and come from the depths of your statwment.

The first time I applied for the Chevening scholarship, I approached the essay section in a laissez-faire personak. My overview has shown that this program graduates often work with BigData.

chevening scholarship personal statement sample

If an applicant commits plagiarism, they will be disqualified. Some say it is better to apply Chevening with an offer from the university. This can be calculated as 35 hours statekent week, 40 weeks a year, multiplied by two years. Apologies for any errors in English grammar, please correct me. Essentially, you should be more concerned on how to qualify as a Chevening scholar.

At first, I doubted my persnal skill, but then I realized that building network is less a matter of skill than of will. Development Studies, what it is and how it prepares you for…. Nevertheless, I was prepared well and overcame my unease. As far as Chevening is concerned, there is no substitute for leadership and influencing!

contoh personal statement chevening

After you have done all you can to write your perfect essays, I strongly suggest showing them to a couple of people especially previous scholars who can proofread your work, offer structural advice and help polish your answers.