Paper 3 Advanced Theory — written paper. It may be submitted, along with Paper 1, at the end of the first year in order to qualify for the award of AS in Computing, or may be saved and submitted at the end of the two years, in addition to Paper 1, 3 and the project to qualify for the award of A Level Computing. Some evidence of user testing is given, usually by questionnaire or written comments by fellow students or others who were not directly involved in the development of the system. This section covers basic knowledge and understanding, as well as skills. The marked projects will be moderated by CIE. Just follow the syllabus contents and then search the topic from book accordingly.

Shahzeb September 14, at 5: A teacher may award up to 2 marks if they have been shown the system working satisfactorily and there is no hard evidence in the project report. Alternative outline solutions should be discussed and evaluated against one another. This paper will be set according to the content of Section 3 of the syllabus, but will also assume knowledge learned in Section 1. The hardware requirements must be stated.

computing 9691 coursework

There is clear evidence that a response to the design has been obtained coursewlrk the end-user, and any comments have been acted upon. To take all Advanced Level components in the same examination session leading to the full A-Level. A full discussion, taking each objective mentioned in a ii and explaining the degree of success in meeting them, indicating where in the project evidence can be found to support this or giving reasons why they were not met.

The coureework should describe how the user requirements were ascertained possibly by long discussions with the users: O Level History Centres and candidates may choose: User evaluation is also essential and should arise from a questionnaire or, preferably, direct user evaluation. It is important to stress that the candidate should endeavour to produce a system which is nontrivial and which will solve a given coursewirk sensibly within the constraints of resources available to the candidate.


computing 9691 coursework

However there is a lack of completeness with omissions foursework the process model, inputs and outputs. The User Manual should include step by step instructions for operating all aspects of the system, courseaork a means of dealing with any errors that may occur. Add to collection s Add to saved. The specification is sufficient for someone to pick up and develop an end result using the software and hardware specified in the requirements specification.

It is envisaged that work on the Project will begin in parallel with work on Section 3. For complaints, use another form. Showing that many other cases of test data are likely to work – by including the outputs that they produce – is another important feature.


In your case it will be computing Exclusions This syllabus must not be offered in the same session with any of the following syllabuses: Shahzeb September 14, at 5: Full description of the organisation and methods currently in use in the area of the chosen project, with a description of the origin of the data to be used and some indication of the form that data takes. There is no description of the relationship between the structure of the development work and the testing in evidence.

So I request u to atleast give me the name,auther,edition or any related things about new book. The criteria which should be followed when producing their solution coursewlrk clearly set out in Section 2 of the syllabus.

Since the system in the technical coursrwork will differ from one project to another, professional judgement as to what would be necessary for another analyst to maintain and develop the system has to be made. Knowledge of timeliness, relevance etc. Will he get the same syllabus or he will have to do the new syllabus?


An attempt should be made to show that all parts of the system have been tested, including those sections dealing with unexpected or invalid data as well as extreme cases.

Computer Science 9608 has been introduced in place of computing 9691

There should be a brief description of the organisation for example, firm or business involved and the current methods used in the chosen areas that may form the basis of the project. Paper 3 Advanced Theory — written paper.

computing 9691 coursework

A detailed description of processes should also be included. Where the solution has been produced with a software package that has not involved programming, the candidate should: The program should be self-documenting. To do this, it is necessary not only to have test data, but to know what the expected results are with that data.

You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. For full marks, good on-screen help should exist where this is a sensible option.

Candidates will not be expected to write or interpret the meaning of simple segments of low level language code.

Proposed record, file and data structures should be described. A Knowledge with Understanding Candidates should be able to: