Available evidence suggests that DSEN query responses have had a limited impact on decision making. CIHR must be assured that ethics issues are satisfactorily resolved before it releases funds. In order to carry out the proposed research in this application, is an exemption from Health Canada under Section 56 of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act required? This total includes some Queries that were initially prioritized but later found to be not feasible or no longer relevant. If some of these completed works do not seem to support the research theme of the team or centre to which you belong, provide the necessary explanations. DSEN evidence also supports decision-making on public reimbursement, as well as safe and optimal prescribing and use of drugs within Canada.

Identify Application Partners Task 7. It must always balance the efficient operation of its programs with the risks associated with seeing those programs achieve their desired impact. The Ethics Office’s process for refining the inclusion and exclusion criteria and validating relevant grants and awards is described in Appendix 2. Please note that this document may be used for relevance review. Print the Signature pages, found in ResearchNet needed for the funding opportunity. Reviewers are under no obligation to read the Research Proposal appendix other than to read references, tables, charts, figures and photographs. Outline the budget request and justify that the requested resources are appropriate to financially support the project as described in the application.

A primary focus on: What is the medium to reach the audience?

While some PMDSE research would likely continue, it would be researcher driven and less likely to address the information needs of decision-makers since the research would not be focused to address questions queries posed by decision makers. Interim results and reports will not be made publicly available.

Knowledge Translation Guidance Document for DSEN Researchers and Stakeholders – CIHR

Isotretinoin is a medication used mostly for severe acne. Whatever length of time an applicant has taken off from research in the past seven years is the amount of time that they may include in the attachment. There was only a limited amount of evidence collected through key informant interviews and document reviews relating to how this information provided evidence for the decision-making of query submitters. Subsequent to the onset of the evaluation, the scope was expanded to ensure that the evaluation would meet TBS evaluation coverage.

The Equity and Diversity Questionnaire must be completed prior to the eSubmission deadline. Furthermore, your application proposzl not necessarily be reviewed by the same reviewers as before. The activities and contributions defined in this section should include both academic and non-academic achievements, and their impacts.


Project Grant: Spring 2019 Application Instructions

The following are examples of the relevant documents that will be included in the review:. This competition remains open to address Queries received for the entire year and peer reviewers are brought together to review applications on an ad hoc basis.

Two purposefully selected case studies were conducted involving a total of six interviews as well as document review to support the background context of the case studies. Other participants can be added, removed, or change roles between registration and application. Itemize cih expendables and services; for example, number and cost of animals, nature and amounts of reagents, numbers of subjects, or number and cost of printing survey instruments.

To date, DSEN research has informed a few PMDSE decisions relating to the confirmation of a risk and making recommendations to final labeling for a drug, informing a policy decision and contributing to a Common Drug Review recommendation; however, this should be considered in the context of the relatively recent launch of the DSEN program, the small number of completed Queries and the time required for the response to a Query to influence sppendix.

This document draws heavily on the DSEN KT workshops March and February documents, extensive consultations with affiliated DSEN federal and provincial decision makers and DSEN affiliated researchers, which provided an opportunity to gather feedback that is reflected in researxh present document. The program has initiated an enhancement to their application operations in order to increase its efficiency. Participants who were on the Steering Committee but also sat on the working group were included in the analysis for the working group.

Different approaches can be considered on a case by case basis with regards to the level of confidence in the findings and impact of the research appendxi, and the appenvix to be reached.

Grants – Application Guidelines – CIHR

If you are awarded a grant, the necessary certification requirements must be met in accordance with policies on ethical conduct of research. According to interviewees, the loss of DSEN would result in fragmented and uncoordinated research which could reduce the availability of credible research for decision makers proposql they would have to make decisions based on the resources and information that are available to them.

CIHR will consider requests for postponement of the renewal date, without additional funding, for periods up to one year, provided that the applicant makes the request prior to the date that the renewal application is due.


Footnotes Footnote 1 This document draws heavily on the DSEN KT workshops March and February documents, extensive consultations with affiliated DSEN federal and provincial decision makers and DSEN affiliated researchers, which provided an opportunity to gather feedback that is reflected in the present document.

cihr research proposal appendix

These include i traditional KT approaches such as publication in peer reviewed and open access journals, depositing results in open access research repositories, conference presentations, education sessions, visual lectures, briefings, and webinars; ii use of traditional and social media; iii outreach facilitation; iv use of champions and knowledge brokers; and v arts-based KT activities.

In cases where there is an obvious need for more communication between the research teams and the Query Submitters, over and above the initial Science Advisory Committee meeting, the DSEN CO should be informed of the situation and can facilitate subsequent teleconferences or provide names of contacts.

This works well, however, only if there is minimal if any change in the information we receive at registration and in the full rwsearch. Knowledge translation KT is inherent in the DSEN Program design which incorporates a variety of mechanisms to exchange research knowledge.

cihr research proposal appendix

While there is no way to confirm that these actions are solely responsible for reducing the time between query submission and the onset of research, an analysis of data indicates that the gap has decreased substantially Figure 4. For example, the catalyst grants supported one-year projects whereas the Team grants were defined as demonstration projects to be completed within a two year timeframe. Furthermore, there are some Queries which have multiple responses.

It is not unusual to hear a committee say that they would have been more comfortable if a named collaborator had been a co-applicant of the proposal instead. Your response should not require reference to any other documents because reviewers will not have access to other documents. It is uploaded directly to ResearchNet from your personal files. The assumption made here is that the more an article is cited, the more it is influencing others, be it positively or negatively.