She may be at risk of cystic fibrosis and malabsorption. This is also why she had fat present in her feces. The glue on envelopes and stamps contains starch, which may be made with wheat The University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center, n. Gluten Free Dietitian Website. Gained weight during pregnancy 11 lbs. A decrease in these negative acute-phase respondents happens because the body is making less protein because of a decrease in essential amino acids being consumed and an increase in tissue breakdown. Jeor equation to calculate her energy requirements since this equation has been shown to be accurate than other methods such as the Harris Benedict equation.

You can add this document to your study collection s Sign in Available only to authorized users. Be careful when eating out, because foods can be cross-contaminated. I would diagnose Mrs. What is the etiology of celiac disease? Gaines has an increased need for protein because her body needs to repair the damage done to her intestines. From the information gathered within the intake domain, list possible nutrition problems using the diagnostic term.

I would not recommend dairy until her symptoms start going away then she can be test for lactose and intolerance on stuy GI tract is healed.

celiac disease case study mrs gaines

Her total protein was only 5. Celuac anything in Mrs. Other health risks include a decrease in osteoporosis, amenorrhea and difficulties with pregnancy. II Understanding the Nutrition Therapy 8. American Association for Clinical Chemistry. There are two types of malnutrition, protein malnutrition and protein calorie malnutrition also known as protein-energy malnutrition PEM.


Celiac disease damages the villi of the small intestine, which is where most nutrients are absorbed. With an adequate fat diet and moderation of malabsorption and the test usually correlates fairly well with a quantitative assay of fat malabsorption and can provide results of the diagnosis.

celiac disease case study mrs gaines

When these values are low, anemia is indicated and the patient should other lab values and medical history should be assessed closely. All of these results combined support the physician diagnosis of anemia, specifically iron-deficiency anemia because of her low agines and MCHC levels. An analysis of her recall showed that she consumed only kilocalories while use of the MyPyramid Tracker estimates her needs as kilocalories Celisc Tracker, There are two forms of glutamine though, L-glutamine and glutamine peptide.

She consumed no food from the diseawe group and no vegetables MyPyramid Tracker, What type of diet would you initially begin when you consider the potential intestinal damage that Mrs. Protein-calorie malnutrition usually results in: Her fatigue, weight loss and weakness are directly related to vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Case Study #9: Celiac Disease

Celiac Disease Presentation – Clinical Manual. Celiac disease is a condition of the digestive tract, in which the villi in the small intestine become damaged, interfering with the absorption of nutrients from food.

This test shows your doctor if you are digesting or absorbing fat properly. Evidence of GSE Gluten-sensitivity Entropathy depends on abnormalities in either villous shortening and crypt hyperplasia or the number of IELs or both. Nutrition and Diagnosis Related Care.


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What form of glutamine supplementation would gxines recommend? Using the available data, calculate her arm muscle area. This site uses cookies. What sources other than foods might introduce gluten to the patient? Serra S, Jani PA. Oats are commonly processed on shared machinery with processed wheat flour. Understanding the Disease and Pathophysiology 1. Absorption of proteins and fat will decrease.

Add this document to saved. Be careful when eating out, because foods can be cross-contaminated. According dissease MyPyramid Tracker, if Mrs.

Case Study #9: Celiac Disease

Gaines expect from restricting all foods with gluten? How is Celiac disease related to the damage to the small intestine that the endoscopy and biopsy results indicate? When her hour recall was broken down into food groups the analysis showed that she is not even cepiac half of her needs in any food group.

Are any symptoms from Mrs.