Horlicks oats claim better traction. Meanwhile, several of Horlicks extensions like NutriBar, Chill Dood and flavoured milk have been wound down. And in , a toffee flavour was added. What appeared to be a natural slot for the brand to slip into, actually followed heated debate within the company: Full marks here definitely. Horlicks was a family drink until then, the great “family nourisher”. Designed for health conscious adults and diabetics, the variant targeted people above the age of 35 years.

In fact, one also sees a juxtaposition of the sublime and the ridiculous. They have miles to go before they become family silver like their parent. Post Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment. Horlicks was locally manufactured in India only since , though it had been available via imports since the early s. Horlicks was a family drink until then, the great “family nourisher”. Print media powers ahead cornering the largest share January 4, By Neeta Nair. This led to the “Taller, Stronger, Sharper” campaign.

Product innovation, he maintains, is likely to remain a priority. Data of Indian users on Truecaller up for sale at Rs 1. Brands and products tend to age over the years if not nurtured properly. But it needs to clearly differentiate its communication for product benefits.

November 3, By. The launch of Chill Dood, its flavoured milk range, did not take off. Horlicks oats claim better traction. Stretching into categories in the immediate neighbourhood of the mother brand may be easier than stretching into distant ones: The new world is gorlicks technology and digital: This is both its strength and its weakness,” says marketing consultant Sunil Alagh.

Women’s Horlicks scores big for GSK with Rs 100-crore sales

Clearly, the strategy of attacking itself, in core Horlicks territory, before someone else does, has worked to keep it ahead. In all the brand extensions that Horlicks has made, nutrition remains the core. There was someone else too, pushing for this change. Dr Prafulla Aginihotri, Director, IIM, Tiruchirappalli, and co-author with marketing guru, Philip Kotler, feels that developing Horlicks as a mother brand, while has helped GSKCH maintain a leadership position in the health drink market, it has helped them make an easy entry into other categories too.


The brand has transformed into one that is not just recommended by doctors but is nourishable and enjoyable too. You must be logged in to post a comment.

case study womens horlicks from gsk consumer

And one really wonders why, given that the success of Boost and the failure of Chocolate Horlicks its first attempt to take Horlicks into a seemingly similar but actually different consumer space should have taught it a valuable lesson.

Our experience in science based nutritional products along with the Horlicks equity has helped create Foodles as a differentiated offering in the instant noodles category.

This led to the “Taller, Stronger, Sharper” campaign.

Brand Horlicks Case Study and Strategies |

By then, the company had speeded up its brand variant launches with Horlicks Lite inaimed at diabetics and Horlicks NutriBar in this launch did not work as planned. Making of a mega brand. In a recent communication drive, Horlicks tied up with superhero movie Ra.

case study womens horlicks from gsk consumer

See Healthy As Ever. So, stretching the Horlicks brand may not be easy. You must be logged in to post a comment.

Case Study: How Horlicks has avoided getting dated

Nickleodeon Nina Elavia Jaipuria. Now we are growing in our presence with various extensions and adjacents,” says Ahmed.

What has it not done right? But the effect has been that Horlicks Lite combined with Women’s Horlicks ensured that the company clocked growth of more than 17 per cent in revenues until According to the Ace Equity database, Horlicks and its brand variants have helped the company accelerate its revenues and profits in the last five years till December to Given that competition was also pumping up volume on the benefit of micronutrients and research-backed offering, in GSKCH again decided to challenge itself to deliver further on its by-now older promise of “Taller, Stronger, Sharper”.


Brand Horlicks Case Study and Strategies

Conventional management wisdom will tell you to extract as much as you can from a brand and its variants but to derisk the owner from overdependence on the brand. In the final analysis, GSKCH is a very successful company and Horlicks is one of the strongest brands in the food and beverage business.

case study womens horlicks from gsk consumer

Init offered its newly formulated Horlicks to the National Institute of Nutrition NIN at Hyderabad, which conducted research to prove its effect on the growth of children. The variant, was targeted at pregnant and breast feeding mothers. However, in segments like noodles and snacking where taste is supreme, they will find conshmer difficult to compete with the likes of Nestle and ITC,” says Alagh, the marketing consultant and former managing director of biscuit maker Britannia Industries.