November 3, By. This led to the “Taller, Stronger, Sharper” campaign. Cadbury India’s Bournvita had a share of 17 per cent and Heinz’s Complan, 11 per cent. The company then recognised that there was a specific need for toddlers in the one to three years age group and launched Junior Horlicks in Post Comment Cancel reply You must be logged in to post a comment.

Given that competition was also pumping up volume on the benefit of micronutrients and research-backed offering, in GSKCH again decided to challenge itself to deliver further on its by-now older promise of “Taller, Stronger, Sharper”. Horlicks was a family drink until then, the great “family nourisher”. This was a period of turmoil in the consumer products market, as India, after liberalisation, saw the entry of several new brands both from domestic and international players. What has Horlicks done right? Clearly, the strategy of attacking itself, in core Horlicks territory, before someone else does, has worked to keep it ahead. Stretching into categories in the immediate neighbourhood of the mother brand may be easier than stretching into distant ones: By broadening the Horlicks portfolio to Oats, GSKCH aims to spread the goodness of healthy living and complete the consumer food table by adding yet another wholesome option to the menu.

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In hoelicks the brand extensions that Horlicks has made, nutrition remains the core.


According to the Ace Equity database, Horlicks and its brand variants have helped the company accelerate its revenues and profits in the last horliks years till December to This was the tipping point. Full marks here definitely. One can only presume that these misses were driven by some arrogance and a reluctance to invest and take a hit on profitability. Therefore, increasing market share substantially might be difficult.

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Women’s Horlicks scores big for GSK with Rs 100-crore sales

The question even for variants is whether a “kids” brand can be extended to “adults”. This campaign, however, was just the precursor.

case study womens horlicks from gsk consumer

The company has always viewed Horlicks equity as a bank deposit since. It has also not been successful in finding ways to make Horlicks a more mainstream product in the north and west of the country.

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The launch of Chill Dood, its flavoured milk range, did not take off. The new world is about technology and dtudy However, that is still easy to argue because the extensions are also malted tsk.

Industry insiders say much of the company’s success has come from adjacent brand variants such as Horlicks Junior, Women’s Horlicks, Horlicks Lite and Mother’s Horlicks and not from extensions into biscuits, noodles and, even low-priced HFD variants such as Asha. Fsk based firm leaks private data of social media influencers Honor 20 series launched: Will Horlicks be able to continue with its line extensions and brand extensions without the risk of brand dilution, especially when entering into product categories like noodles, which is considered as junk food item?


It lays claim to more than half the white-malted beverages market. And one really wonders why, given that the success of Boost and the failure of Chocolate Horlicks its first attempt to take Horlicks into a seemingly similar but actually different consumer space should have taught it a valuable lesson.

Pre-schoolers, on the other hand, tend to have a busy schedule, and need adequate nutrition to keep them cxse through the day. Brands and products tend to age over the years if not nurtured properly.

case study womens horlicks from gsk consumer

This has been seen in strong brands such as Colgate, Nirma, Ponds and Lifebuoy. The results showed five clear areas of benefit: It also changed its positioning: According to Alagh, GSKCH somens to transform brand Horlicks from “purely health, especially aimed at children, to a tasty but healthy positioning” for all. Since then its positioning has always been as a family nourisher, which offers health and lifestyle range.

Results for have not been announced yet. So, really, how has the company fared in fortifying a brand that is years old? Our experience in science based nutritional products along with the Horlicks equity has helped create Foodles as a differentiated offering in the instant noodles category. All branding and communication spoke to different family members and how it meant different things to different people, while the new campaign clnsumer to children directly.