By taking a loan from the bank, these individuals could purchase computers and set-up soochanalayas on their own. Nor is it a primary information source. All the complaints of mid day meal scheme in schools were found wrong. This finding is supportive of the media effects of IT. A single, particular project is taken for study as a case and it is investigated threadbare on various parameters. State of the art as art of the state:

Goodwill generation and maintenance is an important aspect of PR. Excerpts Background Note In , India’s population was estimated to be more than one billion, 50 percent of which still lived in villages As one soochak commented:. Of the 32 users inter- not operational. The Gyandoot system has – in a few places, at a few times, for a limited range of services – replaced this with a lower-cost, faster, and more transparent service. It is highly difficult to define empowerment in view of various definitions, indicators and parameters prevalent in social science research.

Hence, a sample of 50 citizen respondents was chosen. The first objective of the study was to measure the empowerment of target audience by Gyandoot. A large sub-unit in a district Khasra nakal avendan: Many such that it is important to develop constituencies both telekiosks act as long-distance phone booths or outside and within the political and administrative computer training centers, even a barbershop, and system.

It is highly difficult to define empowerment in view of various definitions, indicators and parameters prevalent in social science research.

The project was designed to extend the benefits Majority of the respondents were above poverty line, having 10 th to 12 th education.


Gyan- doot—The model for community networks. The blocks selected were Nalchha, Tirla, Dhar central and Sardarpur. ICTs only facilitate and ensure the communication.

In the words of a farmer from Undeli vil- the poor directly.

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This finding is supportive of the media effects of IT. Lack of electricity is one cause, as are ongoing telecommunications problems. Project vice display board. It is not intended to illustrate either effective or ineffective handling of a management situation. Despite being successful initially, Gyandoot could not keep pace with the rising aspiration level of people.

case study on gyandoot

A similar result has prevailed with public grievances – some are dealt with online, but in other cases the applicant must appear in person, in which case Gyandoot just functions as a system of complaint registration and appointment-making.

It was immensely popular in the initial year as it was a novel experiment in India which caught fancy of everybody. This was also seen as a means of reaching out to a large potential vote-bank that had, to date, seen no tangible benefits from the “ICT revolution”.

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Furthermore, it has at Rs. Gyandoot intranet project was chosen for this case study. You are commenting using your WordPress. Paper presented at the World Bank E-Government: Efforts should be made to provide services in their entirety. Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: This entry was posted on Friday, September 21st, at 1: Indicators were developed by studying the World Bank report and a document from www.


So, Gyandoot was created, computerizing the front-end of government services in 38 kiosks across the region. Some villagers have been unwilling to use kiosks where the operator was a woman; in two other cases, the soochak has barred lower-caste villagers from using Gyandoot. We are also grateful to Bhatnagar, S. Swamina- However, some prerequisites are needed to make than Research Foundation MSSRF in Pondicherry their introduction cost-effective and sustainable, in- has also demonstrated how crucial PRAs are to the cluding a stable electric power supply, good connec- success of ICT projects that intend to favor poor tivity, and human capability to manage hardware people.

case study on gyandoot

None of the 16 example, the quarterly average users of a typical daily wage laborers surveyed by CEG-IIMA were soochanalaya, as reported by its logbook, went aware of Gyandoot. Copy of land records, exam results and grievance redressal services drew a very high level of satisfaction, convenience and benefits. In the case of Gyandoot, for clarify the rights and responsibilities of the villagers instance, using radio—which is cost-effective and and the implementing agency.

Pre tested interview schedule different for citizens and soochaks non- participatory observation and informal discussions with citizens, soochaks and Gyandoot staff were employed to collect the data and percentage analysis method was adopted to arrive at the result.