Vijayalakshmi, the noon meal organizer and also the teacher of the English Medium school, was held accountable for not performing her duties of taking safety precautions. Another view held that the teachers tried their best to rescue the children and some of them asked the children to stay in the classes feeling it is the regular smoke from the kitchen. The deceased kids were taken for postmortem to the government hospital. While the case was transferred from court to court for the first few years, the trial gathered pace after charges were framed by on 10 September , The Hindu reported. Pulavar Palanichamy, Saraswati and the three teachers filed petitions in the lower court to discharge them from the case. Too little, too late? The authorities had been hoodwinked or purchased outright for allowing the management to run three schools where not even one school could be run.

The school teachers were not trained properly to handle the situation. Girls High school are functioned on Same building, and literally students were studying. The commission report said:. Mega project is superficial answer to drainage congestion, flood management What is fashion doing in a museum? Principal, nine others held guilty for worst ever…30 Jul Kumbakonam fire tragedy. Kannan, then director of elementary education, were dropped.

The unfortunate incident occurred when a fire broke out in the school’s kitchen, which was used accidemt prepare mid-day meals for the children, and then spread to the first floor due to the school’s thatched roof.

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The locals also helped by breaking the concrete window. Their plea was dismissed both in the lower court and Madras High Court on 14 July The headmaster, Prabharan and three others turned approvers.


case study of kumbakonam fire accident

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It also stated that the schools had inadequate exit facilities and had no firefighting capabilities. If you are outside this distribution zone you can access the full bouquet of Firstpost Print adcident online for a limited period.

A total of 94 students of the primary section of the Krishna English Medium School were burnt to death in their classroom as the thatched roof caught fire on 16 July It came acse light later that three schools, including a government-aided institution, functioned in the same building even without a municipal license.

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The Tamil Nadu government has constructed a memorial park in Kumbakonam in memory of the 94 children who lost their lives. The relief announced by the state and central government were disbursed on 17 July The fire officials reported that the building laws were not followed as the school had a thatched kitchen and classroom roof, had no emergency exits and accidsnt was a “death trap”.

Integration of Disaster Management in the training programme of Sarva Shiksha. Kymbakonam must become co-ed, merge Shia, Sunni studies: The burning thatch and the bamboo poles fell, blocking the exit routes.

The other officers who were earlier responsible for permitting the nursery school against the rules duringnamely, Shanmughavelu, Sethuramachandran, Chandrasekharan and Dr. All The Accused In Kumbakonam Fire Which Took… kumbaknoam Aug The studies revealed that the school did not have proper fire While the case was transferred from court to court fo the first few years, the trial High Court that has set free all the principal accused in the horrific fire accident.


On the day of the tragedy, an inspection was expected over an administration issue. Guidelines of School Safety Plan for Safe Learning -…unfolded in the Kumbakonam fire tragedy which took the lives of 93 children reiterate the need to have.

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Final verdict of Kumbakonam school fire accident …29 Jul Final verdict of Kumbakonam school fire accident on Wednesday Mohamed Ali will deliver the final judgement in the case on Wednesday.

Digital subscription comes free with it. A Tamil street theatre tradition in danger of fading into oblivion has found a new lease on life. Prayer for departed children of Kumbakonam. A Thanjavur court on Wednesday held 10 people guilty and acquitted 11 others in the Kumbakonam school fire accident in Tamil Nadu that killed 94 children and left 18 injured in Vasanthi, the head cook lighted the oven in the absence of her assistant, Sivasankari, who usually lights it. The case started to gather pace when charges were framed against 21 accused in and trial began soon after that.

The Chief Minister who visited the site ordered withdrawal of recognition of the three schools, prosecution on the school authorities and the correspondent, Suspension of the Chief Educational Officer, the District Elementary Educational Officer and the Assistant Elementary Educational Officer of Thanjur school district.

Please help us clarify the article. A memorial for the school children, who perished in the fire accident at Krishna School in Kumbakonam.

case study of kumbakonam fire accident