Colic-Peisker , Nevertheless, some immigrants decide to return to their homeland after a few years Colic-Peisker , I conducted a semi-structured individual sociolinguistic interview, such as the ones which were used by Labov. As can be seen from the quote, the respondent advocates that young Australian-born Croatians should associate with the Croatian community in Australia. A religious society called Croatian Catholic Community was established in in Brisbane and the Croatian national Church was also established in Australia, which for some functioned as the only connection to the homeland. Iako u Australiji svakodnevno govori engleski, izbjegava prebacivanje kodova i u raznim situacijama govori samo po jedan jezik. As we can see in the Figure 1, since most of the Croatian immigrants arrived in Australia in the late s and the early s, by now they could be retired and could have returned to their homeland.

This is the ideology of territorialisation, according to which a certain language is associated with a certain geographical location, especially a certain country. Morales, Alejandro, William E. University of Illinois Press. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. She lived in Bjelovar until , when, at the age of 33, she permanently moved to Australia together with her husband and their son due to economic reasons.

A jel mislite da je bolje kad neko govori standardnim jezikom ili dijalektom?

Colic-PeiskerNevertheless, some immigrants decide to return to their homeland after a few years Colic-Peisker It offered free transport, which also played an important role. An Introduction to Discourse Analysis: Still, we should aim for the highest quality recordings as possible in order, possibly someday, to make the recordings available for other researchers.


Therefore, it is the posap of the researcher to achieve this level of relaxedness of the respondent.

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She was not able to get a job, while her husband worked in a factory, holding a position at a physically very demanding post. But due to poor economic conditions in Croatia, it was safer for Croatian immigrants to stay in Australia. Language Attitudes in France and Quebec. Colic-Peisker56 This could be explained by the age of the immigrants.

Posaoo vi niste zaboravili hrvatski. Ne govorim potpuno dobro engleski, je li. Nema da je neko After the Second World War, many Croatian clubs were established in Australia with the purpose of preserving Croatian identity among the immigrants, which then helped establishing other social organizations like football clubs, folklore groups, a theatre group and others.

They migrated due to economic reasons, and their migrations between towns and settlement in Australia were also motivated by economic prosperity Holjevac The words belonging to the second category are the words and expressions razgoviru English that were adapted into Croatian.

Kolko je to trajalo? In this case the word is a borrowing. But her husband, who himself did not take any course nor did he have anyone to teach him the language, put the family and their economic situation first and did not want her to take the course.

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Its Structure and Use. It is very important ppsao to establish a power relationship between the interviewer and the interviewee in which the interviewer has the authority.

By Croatian Studies Centre. The respondent and her family were economic migrants.

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The interview is carried out according to specific guidelines, for example it should be one to two hours long, the researcher should let the interviewee lead the conversation and elicit attitudes, as well as data on language use.


Labov30 Before we start the interview, we need to come up with modules or groups of questions about casd particular topic.

Besides, she received almost no formal instruction in English, which would make her oral and written production more native-like. This situation is common among the immigrant spouses and it has been documented before.

U isti momenat sve je engleski.

The system of chain immigration was a very important concept for the early settlers. According to the respondent, he did not speak any English then, but he adapted and acquired the language very quickly.

Above all, purism is an aspect of the codification, cultivation and planning of standard languages.

case study na razgovoru za posao

Still, she would be happier if her daughter-in-law had taught her children Croatian sstudy the start. Due to their common culture and needs, they established connections with other ethnic groups from Yugoslavia Holjevac The respondent remembered that they were not greeted warmly by the population already living there. At the time the interview was carried out the respondent was 81 years old.

Introduction This thesis studies the linguistic experience of a bilingual immigrant, with an emphasis on her language attitudes and the linguistic results.