San Francisco-based gap Inc. Moreover, Zara has a wider global presence than its competitors. It also helps generate economies of scale as multiple- brand strategy results in sharing of advertising, sales, merchandising, physical distribution, and production costs. Lucy Collier – Academia. However, Zara should be guarded against pressure on its supply chain owing to its rapid global expansion.

Zara is a fashion imitator and its competitive edge depends on understanding the current fashion trends that customers want and delivering it efficiently and speedily. MSc International Business Economics. Zara comes out with 11, collections fashion items per year as compared to its rivals who introduce two collections Temporal, It has become a prime example of speed, agility, and innovation in retailing world. Zara operated stores in all Spanish cities.

Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. The report will conclude by drawing from the significant points discussed in each section. Managing Brands in a Changing World. The multi-brand strategy also works as a shield for Inditex as the image of one brand is not associated with other brands the company markets and there will be minimal effect on other brands if one brand does not do well or faces a problem.

Skip to main content. The international success of fast-moving fashion Internationalization is a complex process consisting of significant number of activities and the internationalisation process of Zara can be explained through theories focusing on three issues: Zara Internationalisation – slideshare.

case study internationalisation of the spanish fashion brand zara

This will be followed by detailed answers to questions in the case study. Internationalisation of the Spanish fashion brand Zara more.


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It can be explained through the Uppasala model theory that explains how companies take gradual steps to increase their activities in foreign markets. This can be seen thw the case of However, Zara should be guarded against pressure on its supply chain owing to its rapid global expansion.

As competition for international markets intensifies, no company can escape increasing competition from foreign firms. Unlike Zara, it outsources all its production from 1, suppliers located in the US and abroad Bharadwaj, et al.

Also, there is no doubt that it has helped the company improve its overall visibility. Inditex which handles a multi-brand portfolio has tackled cannibalisation by differentiating the brands mainly through product categories, target markets, price, store presentation and retail image.

Spanisn here to sign up. The pressure of maintaining several brands simultaneously may reduce the focus on particular brands thus leading to brand equity dilution.

case study internationalisation of the spanish fashion brand zara

Since Tata is already a very well- known clothing line distributor in India, Zara borrowed its knowledge and expertise to coin a strategy of combining local and global clothing lines, thus regarding cultural specifity as well as offering sspanish international clothing for customers with Westerns orientation.

Thus, Zara has been able to use the retail image or the trust of customer on the existing brand name as a tool to promote new brands while successfully warding off the risks of cannibalization. However, it should be guarded against cannibalisation risks emanating from its e-commerce channels.

Other fashion firms have However, there are certain disadvantages which Zara face owing to its joint venture with Tata. Tata Group is a well fase brand in India; Zara forming a joint venture with Zzra This case study focuses on the international marketing policy of the Zara brand Inditex group.


Case Study: The International Growth of Zara

Gap spends a considerable amount of revenue on advertising activities unlike Zara which prefers to invest a percentage of revenues in opening new stores instead. Internationalization of the Spanish fashion brand Zara.

Essay about Internationalisation of the Spanish Fashion Zara operated stores in all Spanish cities. The name Tata in India is a brand to reckon with and helped Zara with market penetration.

case study internationalisation of the spanish fashion brand zara

The global marketing strategy thus assumes utmost importance. Zara is a Spanish clothing and accessories retailer. Zara employed intermediate modes and entered into joint ventures Germany and India and franchising Kuwait, Andorra, Puerto Rica etc.

The main part of the case examines the fashkon aspects in the internationalisation of Zara namely: Thanks to its specific business model, the fast-moving fashion, the Zara adapted to trends and