The local government unit was not prepared to dispatch police officers to arrest divers as they felt it would cause too many embarrassing situations. The community had spent many voluntary hours guarding the area, arresting illegal fishers and fining them but received no benefit from the divers. Very few have returned to the area. Even the development workers were caught off guard by the huge increase in fish stocks in the area and the subsequent demand for it as a dive site. With its international airport it has excellent air access.

Some are still in process, some have been packaged, whereas some have great potential but due to a variety of factors have still not yet blossomed. In a group of long lining fishers from another area were blown off course from one of their fishing expeditions by a typhoon and ended up in the Cabacongan community. The local community had heard of the sharks but never really believed there were that many. That way both activities will build on each other as well as giving the community a fallback position and safety net if everything falls through. As a result the project lacked local political support.

One faction was keen to develop whale and dolphin watching tours but the other group was happy to continue whale hunting. Although whale meat was still consumed locally much of it was sold to ecotouriism dealers and exporters.

case study ecotourism sarawak malaysia

Beautiful beaches with clear waters and variety of fish and birds such as Hawaii Beach. Their support is essential for the success of community-based coastal ecotourism.

These groups were seen as more open to experience the tour in its experimental phase. Fascinating caves in Bau with Fairy cave famous for its stalagmites. Borneo is famous for its huge cave systems.


HOW TO PASS EXAMS: Geography GCSE: Ecotourism Case Study (Sarawak)

Practicing community tourism initiatives. Fascinating caves in Bau with Fairy cave famous for its stalagmites. In addition, many wtudy species of fish began returning to the area, species that were not present in the original baseline research. For many coastal communities, daily survival – putting fish on the family table – takes priority.

case study ecotourism sarawak malaysia

It is on the far side of the island and well away from the three small beach resorts, two dive shops and previously visited dive spots. However, access and marketing issues are not so easily solved.

Some initiatives may not even start off as ecotourism projects e.


Meetings and discussions about tourism bring the community together on a regular basis. This was integrated with a five-year coastal management plan for the whole of the town and is currently being implemented by the local Government and villages of Buenavista.

The women focused on running the tour and managing the upland resources while the men provided tourism services boat trips and paddling as well as management of the oyster farm and coastal resources. It also builds confidence. The tour is a success of sorts but much work needs to sarzwak done to market the tour and increase the benefits to the community. Law enforcement, resource management, education, capability building and support are acse components. Over the next four weeks over hammerhead and other sharks were removed from the island.

Environmental Conservation 24 4: Destinations micro level planning will internally strengthen the stability of destination development and management. The community is benefiting from increased catches and the sanctuary is rich in marine life. This mainly benefited the orang asli community Hong Peng, The main objective stduy the project was to integrate community based natural resource management into the wider development of the community.


There are many Forts such as Fort Emma attracting historical or cultural tourists as temple is of years old. In addition to providing information for tourists the museum could have played an important role in nalaysia education, not only for the community on Pamilacan but also for other coastal communities in Bohol and for domestic tourists.

Relying purely on Bohol-based tour operators may not be sufficient.

A few months after this decision to proceed was made, the community finally launched their Expectations are therefore high and many promises have been made to local communities.

The local government unit was not prepared to dispatch police officers to arrest divers as they felt it would cause too many embarrassing situations. It was not until recently that eccotourism ban was effectively enforced and certain villagers actually stopped the slaughter of the whale sharks.

HOW TO PASS EXAMS: Geography GCSE: Ecotourism Case Study (Sarawak)

Remember me on this computer. Access issues were not really considered in the initial sarawam of the Cambuhat project. Aumentado and has established its very own tourism office, the Bohol Tourism Office which gives hope for the future.

case study ecotourism sarawak malaysia