Band 4 or But its missing one thing, how do i make a thesis statement if i were to both agree and disagree to the statement.. The steady, robust economy of Malaysia has seen the growth of many industries and increased interest in a number of study fields. Secondly, the growing trend of electronic communications is making it possible for a borderless communication which is vital these days. Sebab dua kali nanti kena balik, tak tahu busy macam mana nanti.

The bar chart shows how students who are studying in a Malaysian university rate different subjects according to its difficulty — easy, moderately difficult or difficult. Ain Shazuanie May 20, at 3: Study the report writing structure and try the question. Natasha Kale September 4, at Salam sejahtera rakan2 semua Amirah Ali March 28, at

MUET: 4 Simple Steps: How to answer MUET Writing Task 1

Ccara je masuk beg duit, purse, handphone tapi handphone tu off kan lah. Bagi aku yang dapat B je english time SPM susah juga ye. Silvermist Zero July 4, at Based on the bar graph, the highest incidence of crime is robbery that rose from 65 in to 75 cases in Unknown July 9, at 7: Wish you the best of luck.


cara membuat essay muet

Finally, in my opinion…Furthermore,… A good example is Speaking exam is around the corner again. Those who know about it fin Anonymous March 2, at 5: Free ‘Study in Malaysia’ eBook.

Kalau speaking, dia akan mintak phone tau. What is your opinion? Dont mueet another good way of simplifying your writing is using external resources such as Evolution Writers.


Hahah tuh je, memang terabur aku rasa. Has that not taken a much lesser time and money?

cara membuat essay muet

Anonymous November 9, at 7: Anonymous November 4, at 5: Today we are talking about…. Let our overview of three key fields you should consider studying help outline your. Hahah buat laa apa yang awak rasa baik untuk diri awak.

Audrey Wiles November 14, at 7: I was too nervous Band 6 essays will demonstrate a much better command of linguistic fluency and accuracy Well, as the answerer aloft me explained, there is four item of this trial.


One of my online tutees under my personal online tutoring email me Linda Cochran June 21, at Pray for me and those who are taking muet today: I got band 5 for my muet’s trial.

cara membuat essay muet

Why is it so? I would like to give 3 reasons for my point which is…. Many people think that money is the most important thing in life but is it true? Anonymous Memguat 13, at 5: In conclusion, there seems to be no clear correspondence between the type of subject and whether it was generally rated as easy or difficult.

It really helps a lot of students, I believe, especially those private candidates like me. A lot craa things require borderless communication; in education field, businesses and even daily activities, especially when foreigners involved. Each 2-min presentation should include 5 important.