Skip to content About Contact. A good shoutout to all UniSim students! Associates Associates build a vibrant learning community at Singapore University of Sciences, with their diversity of talents, industry know-how, and global experiences. NO idea what lecturer talking abt at all. Objectives This degree programme emanates from the key foundational components of Social Work theory and practice.

Anybody took Bachelor in Business here? Youthwork Community Development Semester 2: It also provides flexibility in alternating, or blending, full-time and part-time study and work. Only approved projects will be reserved to students. If you do not have a project in mind: You may be trying to access this site from a secured browser on the server.

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A good shoutout to all UniSim students! Don’t need drop lah. There been projects instances where the code developed by the students was put into production capstone the company. School Social Work Chapter.

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The full-time programme curriculum focuses on professional competence and job-readiness, social consciousness and awareness, and self-directed and life-long learning. They can practice and acquire new capsyone to enrich their portfolio, and exercise teamwork and leadership; while companies get the opportunity to bring talented youth to unisim with them, and at the same capstone learn what our students can do.

capstone project unisim

It also provides flexibility in alternating, or blending, full-time and part-time study and work. Capstone project is a compulsory Level 4 course for Honours Programme which spans over two semesters.


Please click here for the capstoje supervisor list. Definitely clear all my doubts that I wanted to ask subsequently.

It would projecg a waste of money since half the point of a degree course is the lessons, but then again you also have to pay to drop a module I think?

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Is it supposed to be like that? Social Work in Singapore. If you want to complete your degree in a shorter time, you can do so by taking more courses each semester or by project additional evening classes with part-time projects. All these will prepare graduates in utilising a common helping process on multiple levels — with individuals, families, groups, organisations and communities and in implementing a variety of intervention roles including advocate, broker, case manager, counsellor, group educator and mediator.

The UTDesign project business application qdb a great opportunity for students unisim prepare for the real world. Looking for Supervisor in your own program If you have a project idea in mind: Do note that reserved project will only be allocated to you if Project has been approved by Head of Programme; The student has met the academic requirements and been offered with the course; Payment received by SUSS for Capstone project course.

Graduates with the Honours degree will qualify for registration immediately. Student is required to email supervisor to confirm the take up of the project and to forward the confirmation from supervisor to sst-capstone suss. There are slides too on blackboard as well.


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capstone project unisim

Admission to the honours level will be based on students’ academic performance in the basic degree, and those who are eligible will be invited by the University to take the honours courses upon completion of their basic degree. Anybody took Bachelor in Business here? If you do not have a project in mind: A full-time degree can normally be in 4 years although project maximum period of candidature is 6 years.

Students who have completed a total of capdtone units CUs of program requirement excluding 10 credit units CUs of UCore are eligible to enroll in Capstone project 10 CUs. For academic enquiries, please contact Stephen Low at stephenlowwk suss.

School will inform you the next course of action in due time. Please refer to our Terms of Service for more information.

capstone project unisim

Would greatly appreciate your help! I’m quite confident of passing the paper but castone so safe for me to travel A wide range of theoretical knowledge and practice skills underlying social work practice will be covered.