It plays an important role in enhancing mapping and survey of yield and biomass. Capstone project always gears up your graduation score. Convocation Line 2 Click Here. Does LPU ruin your life? The rear wheel of the cycle is replaced with a mechanical assemblage of links to idealize a walking object. Gesture Controlled Wheelchair Engineering LPU students have conceptualized and built an accelerometer based, hand gesture controlled wheelchair.

Social Networking Capstone Project. A Dual Degree , B. Once you ask such question to any BCA or student of any programme they would answer the different flavours of their taste. Smart Home Automation wifi module Capstone Project 9. It was to be the main center of attraction at Auto Expo

So you can check the answer to your question here I am sharing a link of my previous answer – https: Students Run Live Businesses The UniMall Business and Management Students have access to a fully functional 10 storey mall where they can host and run their businesses.

Aviation Lab Hospitality Students can practice real life aviation hospitality at the state of the art aviation lab. Distance measuring camera 5 meter range. Is football at LPU? Xapstone Yadav 4 January at This rover is built using ultrasonic sensor, GPS receiver, arduino board, batteries and body.


Capstone project always gears up your graduation score.

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,pu Yes, Our team provide full support on project. How to root any android phone. Students Build Solar Powered Car Engineering Students designed and built a solar car that claims to do away with costly fuel options and promises the “highest mileage on solar energy”.

Luckily, this tool can help you outsmart the marketplace. Line following robot with smart phone controlled complete wireless lfr n rc car mode 50m range 2.

capstone project lpu

Admissions open for Convocation Line 1 Click Here. Newer Post Older Post. Various ensemble approaches like hydroponics, aquaponics and aeroponics are utilized. Click Here The last date to apply for admission is 31st August English and Foreign Languages.

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Hitting the roads soon! The dead giveaway that tells you when Amazon has a better price. Village Development Project with the Govt. Flying Farmer Cross-discpline Conceptulized and built by LPU students, Flying Farmer is a wireless sensor device used in farming and field survey of forests.

Convocation Line 2 Click Here. Room booking, add rooms, print invoice and send bill to email, laundry system, front office, generate report and many more This project is built with the aim of providing health benefits as well as generating small scale electricity for home use.


These were showcased at an exclusive Fashion Show.

capstone project lpu

These courses include food production, bakery, housekeeping, food and beverage service. The rear wheel of the cycle is replaced with a mechanical assemblage capstoe links to idealize a walking object.

capstone project lpu

Does LPU ruin your life? Students can also monitor computer screen of the teacher. Rejuvenation of NH-1 Architecture LPU architecture students have conceptualized potential greenway link from LPU to Jalandhar city showcasting historically significant sites, beautifying entrances to various buildings, landscape corridor edges, making entire journey on road pleasing to the travellers.

Since the students have to lppu them and compete, they are compelled to ensure that their design is efficient and commercially capstome. Aquaponics, a combination of aquaculture fish farming and hydroponics soilless plant farminguses fish wastewater as a resource, circulating it through hydroponic grow beds where plants take up its nutrients. Choice of Minor elective, Specialization, Summer training project and the Capstone project will be effective for the career.